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Wanted: More Hours in the Day for Writing

Where did all the time go? How is it already the end of April? I don't know how it happened. I just don't seem to have enough hours in the day lately, especially for the things I really want to get done, like writing. I miss it. My blog looks like it's b
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Posted in Writing on April 19, 2015

Another Reward Site - This one is for helping others -

Have you heard about a site called It is another site where you can , but this one is different. Instead of receiving or , you can do activities to earn , called Butterfly Points. These poi
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Posted in Business on March 5, 2015

Do you love to write online or do you like interacting the most?

I have always loved to write. It's just something that feels good to me. I've had a bit of experience with creating content and by way of . I've only recently joined sites like this one, but I've found that it is a
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Posted in Writing on March 4, 2015

Felons and the Right to Bear Arms

Once someone who has committed a felony has paid for his or her crime, should that person's legal rights be restored? Should it include all of their rights or just some of them? Does it make a difference if that right is an inalienable right? Does it make
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Posted in Politics on March 4, 2015

You Guys missed a good Dinner

If you had been at my house for tonight, you would have enjoyed Parmesan encrusted pork chops, rice pilaf, and fresh tomato slices. It was quite good, even if I do say so myself. It was quick and easy too. I tried a different pork chop li
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Posted in Food on March 4, 2015

Can I make a Suggestion for Persona Paper?

I'm not complaining. I like this site, but I do think it might be nice if there were a few more categories to choose from when we are deciding where to place our articles. I keep coming back to "Random," because I'm not quite sure where to put things at ti
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Posted in Persona Paper on March 3, 2015

Facebook: Love it or Hate it

Some people love , and some people hate it. I’m torn. I love the fact that I can find old friends that I’ve lost touch with over the years and catch up with them. I hate it, because I find it way too intrusive. I don’t like the
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Posted in Technology on March 2, 2015

Don’t forget: Daylight Savings Time 2015

For those of you who experience , don’t forget that it’s nearly time to change our clocks once again. Remember the little saying to make sure you get it right, “Spring ahead; Fall back.” Obviously, we’
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Posted in Random on March 2, 2015

Making Money Online: Have You been successful with Amazon MTurk?

There are plenty of microtask or microjob sites out there, and of course, some are more popular than others. Mechanical Turk is probably one of the largest, and boasts a huge assortment of tasks, called HITS. I signed up for it, and began trying t
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Posted in Business on March 2, 2015

Cool Gadgets: Smartpens

#Gadgets are everywhere. They are cool, often small, items that are intended to make things quicker or simpler to do, or to help us do things better. Well, the Livescribe Echo fits that description. It's all of the above. Not only can you write
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Posted in Design on February 28, 2015

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