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The Big Bang Theory Season 8- What audiences want to know

The Big Bang Theory's new season has hit our TV screens. And obviously we all are excited. But here are some questions that we definitely and agreely awaiting to be answered. I hope in the next few days, the makers answer at a few1. Will Penn
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Posted in Movies & TV on October 2, 2014

Twilight story will be revisited

The highly successful Twilight Saga who made stars out of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison, will be revisited. Reports suggest that five film makers, (women only) will be chosen and they will make different short films on the same theme. All these five
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Posted in Breaking News on October 1, 2014

Were you even listening to me

"Why do you never listen to me," the dialogue men the world over dread. This statement is the precursor of the storm that is about to start. "I know what you were talking about, you said that you loved me and we should go shopping together," is the only s
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Posted in Humor on October 1, 2014

Fear of beautiful women!! Is it Venustraphobia?

I have heard of the phobia of butterflys and think it is weird. But the world of phobias is more weird. Imagine people can have phobia of words, which is called verbophobia; heaven which is called Uranophobia; and the weirdest one is technophobia the fear
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Posted in Humor on September 28, 2014

How do you say!

Oh, How Do You Say!, is the famous line my colleague can never fail to say. She may forget where she has kept her important files and books but never a chance to make people feel inferior. She is the English teacher of our school and is always searching f
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Posted in Humor on September 27, 2014

Who’s interested in the dating diaries of celebrities?

Have you felt out of place, when your friends and acquaintances ‘gossip’ about the newest girl in the life of the nation’s heartthrob, or at what time a certain actress walked out of her alleged boyfriend’s house. Oh I have, a lot o
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Posted in Entertainment on September 25, 2014

Can share market earn you a living?

If you know where you are investing, you can make a great amount of money in the stock market. How do I know that, you may ask. The answer is simple, yet a bit tedious. Simple because you just have to follow the various news channels and websites that give
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Posted in Breaking News on September 24, 2014

Living on Mars will be different from Earth

Just came across a news video, where the anchor was asking the audiences if they would like to live on Mars. It left me wondering, what would it be like to live there. Firstly, men would feel at home(that's a joke). But I feel for people who have already
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Posted in Random on September 24, 2014

Big Bang Theory- What we want to see this season

Big Bang Theory's new season starts tonight and there are a lot of expectations from this season. The season ended with a few questions- will Sheldon return a different person after the surprise trip; Will Howard have to call Stuart his step dad; etc. Whi
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Posted in Movies & TV on September 22, 2014

Why Christmas is not celebrated two times a year

Don't you love all the festivities involved with the auspicious festival of Christmas? I love the bon homie during the festival. The real Christmas maybe near but imagine how we wait, say from March to December.Can we not have two Christmases? I was just w
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Posted in Writing on September 19, 2014

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