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Helping PP to Gain More Pageviews

Good day my friends! There was one day I had visited PersonaPaper and had read a very straightforward about page views in which the writer of that article had told everyone that page views here are too small and I would agree with that. For that
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Posted in Persona Paper on August 23, 2014

New Interesting Site

It has already been five days since I joined that site and I found it so interesting and writing-skills-improving type of writing site. Why did I say that so? Because they do only accept articles which contain a minimum of 400 words. Yes, you read it right
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Posted in Writing on August 5, 2014

Introduction for soccerwriter

Good day everyone! I am from Philippines and I guess I am just a normal writer who wants to earn extra income and at the same time pursue my passion in writing. Someday I want to be a published author. Hopefully that would be not far from now. As my usern
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Posted in Personal on June 24, 2014

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