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Very impressed with Sawang Boriboon Foundation in South Pattaya, Thailand

I will be travelling to Thailand in the later part of this year. The main purpose of visiting Thailand is to pray Phra Phrom at Erawan Shrine in Bangkok, and to make “coffin donation”. This means the money will pay for the pur
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Posted in Personal on September 26, 2015

Rich but no money

It is ironical that many rich people have no money. When a person has the means to buy a house worth S20 millions, you will classify him as a rich person. The bank thinks this person is a rich person too. After all, it has to lend a
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Posted in Random on August 22, 2015

Guess how much it takes to make me happy

It does not take a lot of money to make me happy. To be precise, it takes only 20 cents. Why only 20 cents? Because that is the value of the coin I picked up on the street yesterday. I was out for lunch and I happened to
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Posted in Personal on August 21, 2015

Stack and stack of money

Sometimes I wonder what it is like to work in a mint that prints all the money and coins. I wonder how those workers resist the temptation to take a large stack of money home. It must be marvelous to see stack and stack of freshly printed
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Posted in Random on July 10, 2015

Believe in magic and life will be magical

This quote comes from a Youtube video that I am watching now. This is an interview with Bunky Bartlett, a winner of $49 million lotter. The exact quote is: “Believe in magic and life will be magical Believe in miracles and life wi
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Posted in Personal on July 4, 2015

This is not the worst toilet in China

I have visited China many times years ago. When I was young, I could tolerate the kind of toilets in the countryside of China. I liked to visit those off-the-beaten track places where we could see perfectly scenic places without crowd of tourists
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Posted in Personal on June 24, 2015

Singapore has more people than New Zealand

Singapore is a very small country. New Zealand is a big country from the standpoint of Singapore. However, when it comes to population, New Zealand has one million less people. Singapore has about 5.5 million people. New Ze
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Posted in Random on June 23, 2015

Happy giver and happy receiver

Life is a matter of give and take. That means we can be happy giver as well as happy receiver. Most of us focus on the giving part. We are always giving in different ways. We give to charities, give time to listen to the woes
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Posted in Random on June 23, 2015

The power of compounding is a myth

The power of compounding has been taught in schools all over the world for decades. The power of compounding concept is basically showing the way money can grow. If you have $100 saved up at the interest rate of 6%, and you do not spend t
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Posted in Business on June 23, 2015

Cruise to Antarctica is really the cruise of a lifetime

Call me naïve, but I have never thought that a normal person who is not a scientist can visit Antarctica. That is until I visit a cruise forum, and they mention about taking a cruise to the Antarctica. It seems that there are many cr
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Posted in Travel on June 21, 2015

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276 articles and you are still posting. Great. You are a true Persona Paper writer.

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