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Fresh Begining Today

The past week was very boring for me as there were so many things happened which kept me very busy fort he whole week. Today i am a bit relieved as i don't seem to be that busy like that and its relaxing time for me now. Today i am planning to take a break
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Posted in Personal on March 18, 2015

Getting Adjusted to a New Place

Moving to a new place and getting adjusted to the surroundings and new people around are not that easy for everyone. Many people do get more excited and also nervous sometimes. Even i was a bit nervous on my first day of work. Meeting new people could be v
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Posted in Art on March 16, 2015

India Going Strong in This World Cup

India having lost Sachin Tendulkar service still remains favourite to lift the cup this time around. There are also other teams like South Africa, Australia,Newzealand and Srilanka who are also having good chance to win this world cup India Depending on B
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Posted in Sports on March 8, 2015

Addiction of Movies

Watching movies is fun and full of entertainment, but it should never become an addiction in life as many people are suffering from this addiction right now. Watching Movies Daily Watching movies in Olden day's was totally different from these days as peop
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Posted in Entertainment on March 8, 2015

Friends in Need

There was a time when i was deep trouble and expecting help from close set of friends. But all my friends were nowhere near to me when they saw me in trouble ! Luckily my only true friend had come from abroad to be with me True Friend for Life People say t
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Posted in Relationships on March 8, 2015

Ways to Motivate Yourself

People get to face lot of tensions everywhere today because of the busy life. There are competetion, problems, commitments in every mode of life and it requires lot of patience and also determination to overcome all these and go forward in life. Getting M
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Posted in Art on March 8, 2015

Introduction for sarosh

I am very passionate about writing articles. I have been writing articles for various websites in the past 6-7 years. I am an Engineer by profession, took interest in reading books and then converted my interest on writing articles. I write articles on var
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Posted in Personal on March 7, 2015

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