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Football Fan Dog Valentino

First, I must say: I am not, never have been, and doubt I ever shall be a Pittsburgh Steelers fan! Back in the eighties I did root for the Denver Broncos on occasion. On Sunday, January 17th of 2016, the Denver Broncos and the Pittsburgh Steelers played
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Posted in Sports on January 20, 2016

Winter Walk the Dog Think Spring

Winter white fell throughout the day and night, as did temperatures here in Canal Winchester, Ohio yesterday. Walking my dog Valentino was a slippery trip, needless to say! While walking the dog I busy myself with the Spring countdown clock in my mind with
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Posted in Animals on January 13, 2016

Dog Squeaker Toy Play

While it was a mere seventeen degrees outside on this captured moment, the sun was shining and it seemed much warmer than the day before. My dog and I even felt like a bit of shadow and squeaker toy play outdoors in the sunshine. This rubber squeaker toy
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Posted in Animals on January 6, 2016

Dusty Winter White

The first winter white of the season showed itself here in my neck of the woods today. Fortunately, the snowflakes did not fall heavily enough here in Canal Winchester, Ohio, USA to even be considered a real dusting. Nonetheless, temperatures dropped thro
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Posted in Animals on January 4, 2016

Cool Day At The Dog Park

It was a cool and partly sunny day at the dog park for me and my hound dog Valentino today, a great way to spend an hour or so on this second day of the new year. I would have liked to have taken Valentino to the dog park on New Year's Day but it was much
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Posted in Animals on January 2, 2016

Broken Glasses for New Years Eve

Yes, I am worrying about my broken glasses this New Year's Eve day. No, these are not champagne glasses made for toasting in the coming year. These are my seeing eyeglasses, broken on my early morning dog walk. Sure enough, klutz that I am, while walking
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Posted in Personal on December 31, 2015

Breakfast With Secret Santa

One of the highlights of my Christmas activities this year was breakfast with Santa. My friend Jenny had an extra ticket for the second breakfast session and called me that morning to invite me to come along with her and her son Shaden to the community cen
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Posted in Holidays on December 26, 2015

Love Lives In Hope

The Spirit of Christmas is alive and well and dwells in the hearts of many in the congregation at Hope United Methodist Church in Canal Winchester, Ohio. I and my dog, Valentino, know this as fact. One Sunday morning in December, the church ladies of HOP
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Posted in Holidays on December 25, 2015

M&M's Candy Christmas Poem

One Sunday morning in December the children of Hope United Methodist Church in Canal Winchester, Ohio treated the congregation to their Christmas play, a pre-recorded DVD shown on the big screen. After the show, the children passed out a basket of bagged g
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Posted in Holidays on December 24, 2015

Giving and Receiving - It's a Wrap!

December is often noted as the month for the wrapping and gifting of presents. The giving and receiving of these wrapped goodies symbolizes one of the greatest gifts of the Christian faith -- the birth of the Christ child, Jesus -- in other words, the Spir
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Posted in Holidays on December 23, 2015

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