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A long time gone

Time really does fly, it seems I have been gone for some five months, what have I done in that time? Not an awful lot, well I have done a massive amount of studying and passed my first year of university, I have also passed my foundation HR diploma that I
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Posted in Personal on August 16, 2015

Applying for a job

This time last year I had just returned to work from my maternity leave, I had decided to start some studies as I worked part time from home. The chosen studies were so that once finished I could pursue a more focused career than just admin, I
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Posted in Personal on March 4, 2015

Getting back on track

I feel a little more motivated today than I did yesterday, slightly more willing to be productive. I have had a few chats with people at work today, catch up's really and also caught up with a good friend on the phone after work. Think I need
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Posted in Personal on March 2, 2015

How was your day?

Hi friends, How was your day today? What have you been up to? I had planned a nice morning relaxing at home, that would lead into going to the park with the little one to meet the elder child and play some frizbe. Unfortunately it took
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Posted in Personal on March 1, 2015

Easily distracted

I have been absent a few days due to being distracted by life, but yet I haven't actually done anything of any significance. I have somewhat been hibernating due to my kitchen still being out of bounds, I have been busy at work and have loads of st
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Posted in Personal on February 28, 2015

Repeating history

When things go wrong with people and relationships I find it very easy to distance myself for a short while. I can take stock of what has happened, what went wrong and what needs to change. For me it is then either down to me, the other perso
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Posted in Relationships on February 22, 2015

Less sugar for a better life

I will start by saying that I have a very sweet tooth, it is quite a bad thing really as over the years I have developed very bad teeth. They look good on the surface but I have too many fillings and two crowns. Since I started my new job in April
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Posted in Health & Fitness on February 20, 2015

Do you play games on your phone?

Do you play games on your phone?
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Posted in Technology on February 19, 2015

The Romanians Are Coming

There was a program on television yesterday called The Romanians Are Coming. It appears to me to be fueled as a program aimed at people who do not like immigration coming to England. The immigration rules have been changed so now Romanians ha
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Posted in Movies & TV on February 18, 2015


Smile though your heart is aching..... I do love that song. I sing it to the baby and it settles her. My current challenge is to smile as much as I can without looking like a crazy person. Smiling is not my natural facial position so it is a
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Posted in Personal on February 17, 2015

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