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Selena Gomez is in news for her wrong behaviour

As you can see in this pic that Selena Gomez is showing her ankle in a mosque. Is this a publicity stunt or something else. We really do not understand why she behaved like this but it is really shameful and hurts our religious sentiments. Why these celebr
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Posted in Breaking News on January 4, 2015

Do people really mean by wishing happy new year?

As new year has started, everybody is wishing everyone. But very few of us really wish from our heart and mean what we say to our friends or relatives. Otherwise it has just become a custom like lighting a candle in temple or church when you have no idea w
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Posted in Holidays on January 2, 2015

Online shiopping has cheated me.

I am very sad today because I have received a totally different that I placed ordered. I ordered a lilac colored saree but received yellow colored and of very bad quality. I was very happy that I will soon receive my product but all my excitement went down
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Posted in Animals on November 22, 2014

The fight between smartwatches and traditional watches?

I think the technology developing these days especially in the communication , is a threat to some traditional things we use in our daily life. Now we wear watches but after the invention of smartwatches , their demand is decreasing and people are shifting
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Posted in Science on November 21, 2014

Although my index finger is injured but I post happily

Since last three months, I have a corn on my index finger. It has affected my writing speed although but cannot stop me to write , which is my passion. I will continue my work and do the best. Why to stop only because my one finger is not working but there
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Posted in Writing on November 21, 2014

Where is my post that I have submitted here in persona paper?

Hello dear friends, can anybody tell me where has gone my post here which I posted today in the morning? I wonder whether it is deleted or waiting to be approved. If it has been deleted, I do not understand the reason behind it. I have wrote that post with
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Posted in Tutorials on November 21, 2014

Introduction for rocksg

I am what I have achieved through my hard work and passion. I love reading and writing that's why I am here. My posts although may not be very interesting but if you contemplate them you will find a great sense hidden in them. Only few people will be able
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Posted in Personal on November 20, 2014

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