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Someday, I would love to soar over the beautiful world to visit places of wonder such as Machu Picchu, the Colosseum, museums, beaches and castles. I want to eat at the street cafe's in Paris or wander through the bazaars in India--eating food t
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Posted in Personal on May 28, 2016


So I truly and really believe that summer is nearing its end. This summer has been quite a good one, actually it has been one of the very best one that I have seen in quite some time. That does not mean that it was not extremely hot, because believe me it
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Posted in Random on September 7, 2014

Animals around us

It's been a little while since I posted on this site, and I was going to write this as a poll, but I either missed it or poll aren't available any more. One thing I love about the ending of the movie Antz is that they are just a little ant pile in Central
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Posted in Animals on July 12, 2014

Good Morning

Good morning, but I guess it's actually good afternoon now, since I just happened to glance over at the clock, and it's almost 12:30. I've been writing a lot today already, and mostly about Texas and the Texas flag, and the lone star in our flag. It's onl
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Posted in Personal on June 14, 2014

Eureka--Season One Episode One-1

Eureka is my all time favorite TV show. It ran for five seasons starting in 2006, and I have watched all the episodes many, many times. There is so much science involved, and I always wanted to break down each episode, and write what happens in my own word
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Posted in Movies & TV on June 13, 2014

People From The Past And Present!

1--Anthony Wayne I have never heard of Anthony Wayne before, and I thought I knew who all the key players in the American Revoultion were. He had a nickname of Mad Anthony though he became a huge general in the war. He was out on the battlefields and won
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Posted in Random on June 13, 2014

Every Picture Tells A Story!

So today I found a picture of a grasshopper on my new favorite picture site called pixabay. I really don't like grasshoppers at all, and if one jumped on me outside I most likely would scream. My first thought at seeing this picture is the horror that Laur
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Posted in Pictures on June 13, 2014

A Pic A Day

I was reading a post by maelou reminding us to use photo credits. She recommended a site for free photos, and I found it very interesting. The name of the site is pixabay, and is easy to find. I signed up for free, and look forward to finding some gre
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Posted in Pictures on June 13, 2014

Pride and Prejudice vocab words--3

I spoke in my first post that I found the site that takes your favorite books, and gives you the vocabulary words from it's pages. I have a few words today to add. The three words I have today are: deign, barefaced, and elude. These three words have a pa
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Posted in Books on June 13, 2014

Sea Cow

(2) Mammals Of The World (2) ♥♥♥♥AFRICAN MANATEE♥♥♥♥ I have always loved manatees, and I guess it's because I've read so much about how gentle they are. Most sea animals of this size could be danger
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Posted in Animals on June 12, 2014

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