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Google announces the Nexus 6 and Lollipop

The fifth version of the Android operating system already has a name. Keeping the tradition of "sweets" that Google reserves the mobile operating system names will be known as Lollipop (lollipop). The company just announced the new version will come fitted
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Posted in Technology on October 16, 2014

7 Bad Eating Habits

We've always considered dieting as a healthy measure for a more desirable physique.However, food is much more important than the how our figure looks like. The key is to eat a healthy balanced diet, not just for the sake of achieving your dream figure but
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Posted in Health & Fitness on August 15, 2014

How to organize a large family

There are many advantages in living in a large family. Children growing up in these families will have the advantage of being always accompanied by his brothers, which will help them develop good social skills, as they learn to socialize and solve small co
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Posted in Parenting on August 15, 2014

How to engage your children in household chores

Being a mother, housewife and working woman is not easy. Currently, majority remains the number of women working and do household chores with little help from other family members.What can you do about this situation? It is essential to put an effort to in
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Posted in Parenting on August 15, 2014

Tips To Improve Work Efficiency

Learning to perform our work efficiently will bring us lots of benefits, not only for ourselves but for our fellow workers and the company we work for as well. Being able to do our tasks efficiently means we are able to fulfill our duties during the time s
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Posted in Tutorials on August 15, 2014

YouTube changed the way we understand the Internet

YouTube is obviously one of those applications that under no circumstances may be missing in your Android phone, and if you're fond of watching videos. With it, you will have the opportunity to access the majority of which are uploaded on the world's bigge
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Posted in Technology on July 27, 2014

Knowing what your partner likes and dislikes

It is important to continuously cultivate our relationship with our partner and one way is by giving them pleasant surprises every once in a while. I strongly believe this helps you and your partner create a stronger and longer relationship. Not
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Posted in Relationships on July 22, 2014

5 tips to improve self-confidence

The vast majority of people I know declared themselves to be more or less, timid. I myself too can be considered as one in some instances. This starts when we fear about how others see us or judge us and this usually results to just giving up and accepting
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Posted in Tutorials on July 22, 2014

Why do we need a hobby?

There could be so many other answers to this question but for me it is to improve our health. This response is so sharp that turns hobby into something more than a hobby, and indeed is something far more important that other reasons we may have for a hob
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Posted in Health & Fitness on July 21, 2014

Introduction for randomrants

Hello there persona paper! I am Arvin Mark Edejer and I am from the Philippines. I am twenty six years old and a certified public accountant currently working for a public office. I do blogging as a hobby but I also write for sites like this one to earn mo
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Posted in Personal on July 20, 2014

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