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Election in the Philippines has always been very colorful, vibrant, and star-studded. Filipinos have been looking for that messianic leader who will bring the country to the right path. Certainly, election is one way of doing it. It is why political candid
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Posted in Politics on May 22, 2016

Virtuality: The New Reality

I have always been fascinated by the advent of the Internet in this generation. It has certainly created a new reality that is distinct from the previous generations. Basically, the Internet has provided us a new venue where we can exist without having our
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Posted in Science on July 24, 2015

Rawls' Theory of Justice

In his book entitled A Theory of Justice, John Rawls, a noted Harvard philosopher, has attempted a brilliant formulation about the concept of justice. Rawls talks of a hypothetical situation which he calls "the original position" in trying to elucidate his
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Posted in Politics on May 16, 2015

The Filipino Ideology Part 2

The Americans are as influential as the Chinese and the Spaniards to the Filipino ideology. There is no doubt that they were the ones who taught us to run our government in a democratic way. Aside from that, they also gave us their kind of educatio
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Posted in Politics on April 7, 2015

The Filipino Ideology Part 1

Ideology is an orientation that characterizes the thinking of a group or nation. It also connotes a political orientation and Filipinos seemed to be lost or lacking in this area. We have to accept the fact that we don’t have our own brand of ideology
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Posted in Politics on January 14, 2015

What is life all about?

Thank God I am alive. Life is a precious thing. It is as fragile as a crystal because one simple mistake would ruin everything there is. Jean Paul Sartre once stated that,” Existence precedes essence.” This is how Sartre and other existential p
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Posted in Spirituality on September 7, 2014

Plato and the Search for the Truth Part II

Plato’s allegory of the cave is a metaphor that depicts the value of knowledge or more specifically of education to people. It is an interesting story on how people are blinded on the difference of illusion and reality. It is a metaphorical scene in
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Posted in Science on August 2, 2014

Korea’s Persona and Anima Part III

Apparently, the very low degree of freedom in North Korea would be explained by its government’s decision not to interact with other countries for trading purposes. Its close economic syste
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Posted in Politics on July 26, 2014

Suicide: Personal Trouble or Public Issue?

During the 19th century, Emile Durkheim had conducted a research about suicide. There had been an increasing rate in the number of people committing suicide. Emile Durkhei
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Posted in Science on July 16, 2014

History of Sociology

Sociology is just like any other sciences that has specific origin. It emerged due to the influence of various fields in the natural science and philosophy. The origin of sociology can be traced back 200 years ago when science was gradually being accepted
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Posted in Science on July 13, 2014

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