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Good afternoon Guys!

Good afternoon guys! We have a very wonderful weather here in the Philippines. It is so hot! It is a great Monday to start the week. We had our briefing this morning and our boss talked about his experienced in his trip to Cebu City. He went there to talk
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Posted in Personal on August 11, 2014

Finding True Love

Every one of us pray to find our true love. Finding the only one person that is destined to us, to shared the same passion, the same interest, the person that will understand our mood, attitude and accept us for who and what we are. We wanted to meet the p
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Posted in Relationships on August 9, 2014

Being A Member

Being a member of any groups or community is a big opportunity to gain more friends. Not only friends but to know different kinds of people in this world. I have joined many groups when I was still in my high school days and college days. But now, I only h
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Posted in Personal on August 9, 2014

Introduction for nobody19

Hi everyone! I am Maria Lyn Daymiel from Philippines. I've heard about persona paper from my cousin who lived near our house. I am very interested and excited about being a part of this site so I took the opportunity and register here. I have finished my t
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Posted in Personal on August 7, 2014

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