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ISIS is a threat to humanity

ISIS fighters have become households names with their notoriety in killing Catholics and foreigners. Their rise to fame was made possible by the world wide web wherein they can post the footages of their heinous crimes. With this awareness, the world
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Posted in Random on February 27, 2015

Welcome the Year of the Sheep!

My country is a Catholic nation but it also celebrates the Chinese New Year. The Chinese have been part of our Filipino society that their influence can not be undermined. The wealthiest Filipinos are of Chinese descent while a lot of local
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Posted in Holidays on February 20, 2015

We need 13,000 coins to earn 20 dollars at personapaper

It is only my sixth post here in persona paper and my earning is sluggish so far. Perhaps, it is due to my deficiency in posting and interacting with other writers. I have my full time day job right now and I only log in this site if I have spare time. I f
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Posted in Personal on February 18, 2015

I'm still a newbie in Photoshop editing

I still can not believe that right now I am able to edit photos using the Photoshop software. Just a year ago, this software seemed a stranger to me. I can harldy crop photos back then. It would take me an entire day to have my desire photo edited. Now, I
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Posted in Technology on February 17, 2015

Do you take naps on lunch break

It is already lunch time in my place and some of my office mates are taking their naps. We are given an hour to eat our lunch, do our chores and respond to the call of nature. Some of them prefer to take this as an opportunity to take short naps at their q
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Posted in Business on February 16, 2015

I Grow Temperate Plants in a Tropical Climate

Gardening has always been my passion. I have been planting all sorts of plants even since childhood. I just find much contentment and bliss upon seeing my plants grow and eventually bloom. I live in the Tropics and I usually plant plants that thrive well i
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Posted in Gardening on February 16, 2015

My Plans for Valentine's Day

Tomorrow is already Valentine's Day and I do not have any romantic plans about it. In fact, I plan to go to the bank and have my new account opened. After that transaction, I no longer know what to do. I might spend some time strolling in the mall or eat o
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Posted in Personal on February 13, 2015

Introduction for mountraimer

Since this is my first post at, let me first thank the administrators for putting up this site. I admire you for taking this revolutionary step. Internet users truly deserve to be compensated for the contents that they publish online.
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Posted in Personal on February 11, 2015

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