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A come Back with some New online Earning Ideas to Share with my Persona Paper Friends

Just like the Biblical prodigal son, I am back with a bang. May someone say, "welcome back!" Don't bother if you are not interested in what I am here to share. I just can't believe that it has already been 4 years since I last posted an article here on Pe
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Posted in Personal on October 18, 2018

I was away for a reason

It has been a while since I last dropped a post here. It has been a long journey through the search for the greener pastures in my efforts to earn a sustaining living online. it is very wonderful experience to be here again, just to asure my potential rea
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Posted in Persona Paper on August 30, 2014

My content is increasing but the coins are not, why?

For the short time that i have been a member to persona paper, i have just observed that it take a lot ef efforts in order to earn and reach the minimum cah out. It has been a struggle for me to keep going, since it seems as if it requires full time conce
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Posted in Personal on July 26, 2014

Is it okay to click and open persona paper ads that look interesting?

I am new here on Persona paper, and would like to know some few unclear things, which to the best of my understanding about online writing, can easily be violatory to one site, when they are not to another site. As I have been browsing around this site, j
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Posted in Persona Paper on June 29, 2014

To make persona paper our online home and work place is my first priority

With the words in the above title, and to stand by them with the mision to make this writing site better than it is right now, is the dream of every online writer who has the vision to spend the most of his/her future life as a full time online paid writer
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Posted in Personal on June 25, 2014

Introduction for mcheinrix

I an Henry from Kenya, in my late 20s. I am a sociable type of man and enjoy interacting with friends from all the walks of life, both offline and online. I am currently working as a shop attendant, but in my spare time, I enjoy spending them online as a
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Posted in Personal on June 24, 2014

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