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New Cultural Site - It has fascinated me

The passion for travel is one of the guilty pleasures, a hobby often annihilated by routine and daily activities that are under the brand of "have to". In such a social context, overcrowded by worry and documents and pressured by a clock whose secondary
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Posted in Travel on March 18, 2017

My 10 Ten Fave Songs

A study conducted by my US colleagues reveals that the intellect and personality are closely linked to music genres that we listen. Thus the most intelligent people usually prefer classical music, while at the opposite pole there are genres such as hip-hop
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Posted in Music on July 23, 2015

God wants us to be happy

The greatest desire of man is to be happy. Happiness is the main goal which put humanity on the move. Everything we do is in order to reach that ideal state of happiness. Nowadays we live our life with 100km / h and we run for a fleeting happiness that n
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Posted in Spirituality on July 21, 2015

Top 5 tips for home maintenance in Toronto

Prevent water damage When we talk about home maintenance, we inevitably think of enemy No.1 ie water. So the first tip is preventing water damage especially in Toronto where people face heavy rains.For this purpose a homeowner should check periodically t
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Posted in Random on July 21, 2015

Three easy shoulder workouts

There is a muscle group that can make anyone look impressive. It's about big shoulders and round deltoids . With broad shoulders, you can create the illusion of a V form , which means that you'll look good both on the beach and wearing an office outfit. As
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Posted in Sports on June 26, 2015

2016 Ford Fusion - a strong car for strong drivers

2016 Ford Fusion gives you confidence, a raised position for a greater visibility in all directions and a wonderful interior volume. The new Fusion has a wealth of innovative features that help improve the comfort and safety. Fully reclining seats and
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Posted in Entertainment on January 27, 2015

Enjoy a new experience - e-books

In the last period it's hard to make some time to read a book because the online environment begins to occupy an increasingly important place in our lives.The technology comes to our aid with an innovation called e-book. An e-book or an electronic book i
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Posted in Books on January 18, 2015

Do What You Love And be Happy!

One of the great secrets of success is to decide what you like to do and then find a way to make a living from that work . Many people approach the process in reverse order . They do what they feel they have to do in order to get the time and money to achi
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Posted in Personal on January 14, 2015

Toronto - the power to perform

Toronto is the perfect city to live and work, or even just to visit. Being one of the safest urban environments in the world, Toronto has in addition a high quality of life and reliable services. Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario and it is also
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Posted in Travel on January 11, 2015

Natural Remedies - Thyme Honey

Thyme honey is a type of honey 100% natural without any kind of additives. I'm in love with this extremely flavorful honey and I wondered how to make thyme honey? I found out that the flavor of this delicious honey comes from the flowers of many species of
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Posted in Health & Fitness on January 10, 2015

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