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The man who sits in his room

1867A man sits in darkened room.The room is bare.Dusty floorboards.Grubby, smutty stains.They contain the smell of old cigar smoke,Smoke from better times in this derelict house. The large windows are almost as opaque as the walls which hold them.Mold
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Posted in Art on June 18, 2014

This is a wonderful site, I hope that it stays afloat.

Well... wow. I just have to vent. I was so close to a second payout from this site and BOOM my bank knocked from $4 to $0.81. Main thing that I must state is that I do not blame Ashley or anyone to do with Persona paper whatsoever, it is not their fault. I
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Posted in Personal on June 14, 2014

Hot head

I think the heat might be getting to my head, I am in a daze as I sit on my bed, The degrees are far too high, How can the birds bear to fly? I would be like Icarus up there, It would be hard to deny. My wax would melt, I would hit the ground, Pant
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Posted in Art on June 14, 2014

Father's day cometh

Father's day cometh!Yep, tomorrow is that day for all of our fathers. The men, who in most cases, have been there to pick up up after fall and to play football with you in the garden.I love my Dad. He is hard as nails and a proper fen boy (the fens being a
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Posted in Personal on June 14, 2014

Up there in your jet

But so few of us know just what that is.We only know how to exist,Meek and mild, we pass your test,We just carry on searching for something new among your mess.Some shard of thanks,Some colour long forgotten or just thrown to the bottom because to you it d
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Posted in Art on June 14, 2014

You are one individual and that is perfect

Is it not enough for you? Do you demand that we have more to do? We are not here for you, We are here to live. Sometimes we all need to stop and think about life,It is something we seem to have such little time to do.It is important to remember
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Posted in Art on June 14, 2014

The scientist

Keep mixing your chemicals, Blue gloves, Latex, Long white coat. Clear windowed goggles, Mind working, Thinking, Quietly ticking over, Methodically conjuring the next big break. Put it in the newspaper, On the silver screen, Over the rad
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Posted in Art on June 14, 2014

Today shall be for me

The sun streams through the sliced white blinds.Today will be the eye of the storm.A mysterious street of serenity in an otherwise busy settlement.Something is missing,But I shall try to pass it by.Forget,For now,Until my waiting is answered.This waking sl
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Posted in Art on June 14, 2014

Tom thinks - Where we ever meant to get this far?

(first things first - I should state that this is coming from myself who lives in the UK) The question comes into my mind often 'where we meant to live like this?'. I think our current state of affairs in one which people take for granted. People assume th
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Posted in Random on June 14, 2014

Your engines roar

Oh I hear you, Your engines roaring, Adding your burn to the summer's heat. Screaming, Screeching, Metal on metal. You make those sparks, You vent those toxins, Because obviously it is just you in this world right? Never mi
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Posted in Art on June 14, 2014

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