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Man can not live by GREED alone

How does my garden grow? It takes lots of time and determination to get seeds to germinate and sprout up through the dirt and into the light of the mighty sunshine brightly so the new plant can take root in the soil. The same holds true with many
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Posted in Gardening on April 21, 2017

I can guage my mood by how well or how badly I score at certain types of video games

Diner Dash is a game I play. It is also a game that I have progressively gotten worse at playing. After playing this game off and on during the course of this day, I went from getting nearly a winning score at the end of level two at the last level of ga
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Posted in Personal on April 18, 2017

Windows 10 Users - Do you favor Edge over Google Chrome as your default internet web browser?

Windows 10 - Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome I use both browsers. I have Edge as my default browser but I sometimes use Google Chrome. But, to be fair, you will see the main differences between these two competing browsers by clicking the following link
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Posted in Technology on April 13, 2017

Lyrics APP would be fun for people who like to sing along with their favorite tunes.

I am looking for an app that can convert lyrics in an mp3 audio to print or display from any song in the universe, but I'm not sure if such an app would even be possible? Music is fun but even more so if you can sing to the lyrics of your favorite songs!
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Posted in Music on April 11, 2017

I was comfortable wearing elastic waist pants until ... I tried on my old Dockers!

Weight Gain ... takes time. I am an eating machine. Food is a good thing but not so, if you tend to be like me, a person who eats too many comfort foods. I have been wearing sports pants, shorts and sweat pants these past several months, from as far ba
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Posted in Health & Fitness on April 11, 2017

2017 marks a new Depression Era for me.

I am in a Depression era state. First, the blackout in Dallas from 95 mph straight winds lasted 15 hours and effected over 135,000 people. Second, Trump waged attack on Syrian airport in retaliation as a warning but the landing strips were left u
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Posted in Personal on April 10, 2017

Angry motorist honks at us at the red light, because we won't make a right turn and let them move forward.

Give me a break already! We are stopped at a red light, sitting and waiting for the light to turn green in the right hand lane and the people behind us honk because we don't move out of their way! Road Rage! It was in the afternoon and for some
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Posted in Personal on March 30, 2017

People are getting pretty desperate when they start taking your porch plants in the middle of the night.

My next door neighbor had a late night visitor on his front porch This time it was not his barbecue grill, but instead his prized flowers in a ceramic pot, lifted by a porch pirate in the early morning hours. He has signs in his yard that indicat
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Posted in Personal on March 27, 2017

Do you still use a land line phone? Well, I do.

The old favorite ... Land Line Phone I got one of these, but it's a slim line by PANASONIC and it has push buttons, and I can't find it. Like so many things I own, we both own, they are put away to keep clutter free this house. This is part of
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Posted in Breaking News on March 26, 2017

Blasting a rocket to the moon with one huge force of energy vrs. puslating intermittent bursts of energy.

It takes too much energy to launch a huge rocket who's payload is almost 75 percent fuel to propel that fuel included in the base bulk weight of the entire rocket would make it have to use far more energy to reverse thrust itself into a slow orbit around t
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Posted in Science on March 17, 2017

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We had winds which of course blew down a few things I'd been working on, so much for that for now I suppose. At least it isn't as cold and some other places are, I don't think I could handle freezing temps.

December 18, 2016, 12:03 PM

Howdy neighbor, how's the weather round there?

December 16, 2016, 2:26 PM

Thanks lookatdesktop . Certainly new members will be welcome. I have not taken over PP yet, it will take a while for Will to get it all together and passed across.

September 9, 2016, 3:10 PM

Hi..I have just followed you :)

May 25, 2016, 2:37 PM

I see you left a comment for me in January. No, not writing anywhere else at this time but I am starting to get an itch so I decided if I could still get on here.

April 26, 2016, 3:14 PM

That's okay the money I have earned at other sites was just enough to buy a new paper once a month.

April 15, 2016, 6:47 PM

Amen to that.

February 22, 2016, 4:48 PM

Anthony, old chum... I'd be prepared to give it up here. I understand your deep appreciation for the site, but frankly, you are almost the only one publishing here... -Vince.

February 16, 2016, 3:18 PM

Thank you for the good wishes for my business. :)

February 14, 2016, 1:36 AM

I am following you on hubpages now. Not that I am there very much. Maybe I shouldgo there more.

February 13, 2016, 12:04 PM