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Cooking and Keeping Warm

Winter is nearing temperatures are dropping and our days are chilly and are nights are cold. Holidays are also around right around the corner. Money is tight and we have to make sacrifices to get by during these hard times. I went to the weather app I have
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Posted in Family on November 23, 2015

New owners same Old problems

I recently just moved and shortly after signing a new rental lease for the lot we got a letter saying its now under new ownership and management. This of course came as a bit off a surprise tho us. The reason why is because the last owners defa
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Posted in Random on November 17, 2015

Collectible items worth now worth hundreds

Collectible items now worth hundreds. Some are fairly inexpensive items when you first buy them. When you buy things sometimes you buy them because you find them to be visually pleasing and you imagine what you will use it for. It speaks to you when
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Posted in Random on September 26, 2015

Mr.Trump You're Fired!

Mr.Trump You're Fired! NBC has decided it was not in their best interest to keep airing his show or having much to do with him any more after his comments about Mexicans and Beauty Pageants. Many people over the world who viewed the broadcasts were offende
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Posted in Entertainment on August 30, 2015

A cloudy gem

In life we often set goals for ourselves over the course of our lifetime. What we want to do for a career. We plan our worldly travels choosing foreign places we want to visit. Where we want to live out our days choosing our lifestyles. Deciding if we want
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Posted in Random on August 27, 2015

Entertainment on a Budget

Entertainment on a budget is a new way of life for many people this day and age. Many people today don't have enough money to have cable internet home phone and a cellphone. So most times people end up having to decide which they need most and living witho
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Posted in Random on August 26, 2015

Introduction for lokisdad

I'm a self employed individual my field is mostly focused on home improvement at this time. I do many other things but it seems as if home improvement is what I do the most these days and since its going well I see no point in changing what is working for
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Posted in Personal on August 19, 2015

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