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2 G net work

2G Net work Morning I have waked up at 4.50 Am, Immediately I washed my face and sit before my desk top,I have participated in some sites and I have posted an article in this site also. When tried to open at 8.30 am the internet was not worked, have tried
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Posted in Technology on August 14, 2014

Stellars Received

I do not know about stellar, I know some of my friends may know about this site. Nine days back I have joined in this site and one person from Philippines guide me how to follow the site, I do according to her messages sent through Facebook. I have receive
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Posted in Business on August 13, 2014

Dating Sites

Now a days dating sites are popular, but in India dating sites are called as "Matrimony sites". Now a days they are very popular to select their mate in any community or religion. And there are some other sites they said they are perfectly dating sites and
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Posted in Personal on August 13, 2014

Re-login in to Bubblews

Today Once again I have re-login in to Bubblews site, when I open the with a link which I have saved long back. The site was opened, initially i think that the site belongs to others. After that I know that it is Bubblews, I do not find the login button wh
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Posted in Writing on August 13, 2014

Old Fort turned as Luxury Hotel

This spit bank old fort once upon a time solders are awaiting for their enemies, now the waiters are ready to serve the tourists. It is located near 1 mile away from Portsmouth coast in England, this old fort is renovated as a luxurious star hotel an
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Posted in Travel on August 13, 2014

Do you know about Mobikwik

I do not how many of you know about Mobikwik on line mobile recharge site, I think most of the Indian will know about it or atleast some of Indians might know about this site. I have joined "Mobikwik" site some 2 months back, from that time I am charging m
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Posted in Technology on August 12, 2014

Banana Peel for Whitening the Teeth

Every body wish to have a white and uniformed teeth, it is costly affair to make uniformed teeth. Now a days dentist are charging more to reset the teeth and it require lot of time. Whitening the teeth it is also a costly affair now a days. There is a home
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Posted in Health & Fitness on August 12, 2014

Take care while eating

There is no restriction for eating in any country other than Japan, there is a rule in Japan not consume more food. Why because the Govt does not wish their people are too fat, they imposed a restriction of the size of the tummy to an extent. In Japan the
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Posted in Food on August 11, 2014

Introduction for ksridharprasad

I have completed my college degree in the year of 1976, I worked 3 years in a firm as godown supervisor. As a person from business family, i have worked in medical shop, fancy shop, Fertiliser shop, Electronics shop, Courier agent, Travel agent, tour opera
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Posted in Personal on August 11, 2014

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