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Photo album love

Spending recent days looking at photos and planning to buy a new SD card for my camera made me realize that I love albums and scrapbooks. I have made two scrapbooks of vacations and they are so great to look through. It brin
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Posted in Personal on April 21, 2015

Book Genre Surprise

So, I went to the library to work. I got some books. Nothing unusual. I usually read more than one book at a time. Anyone else do that? What I noticed is that I had only one nonfiction book. I mean, I ha
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Posted in Books on April 20, 2015

Vacation time

Ok, so it is getting exciting here. We are packed way in advance for our vacation and I am going to my mom's for a week after we get back from that. I am going to be taking so many pictures! Summer plans are weeks away and yet th
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Posted in Travel on April 18, 2015

Items on my Vision Board

Hi! I thought I would capture my bulletin board turned into a vision board. I love quotes and sayings s I made sure to have those. I want to live near the beach someday, so must have that. My writing life and even an article on poetry are there for insp
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Posted in Personal on April 15, 2015

Coffeehouse or Library?

Okay, so which do you prefer, the coffeehouse or the library, for writing? If someone where to ask me that today I might say library. Something about the books, the copier, maybe. I feel surrounded by literary inspiration
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Posted in Writing on April 14, 2015

Trust the timing

What if you could change your experience, gain a measure of peace, by making a simple choice? You can. Simply make the choice to trust. Trust what? The timing of everything. Kind of interesting that I sta
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Posted in Spirituality on April 13, 2015

Dealing with setbacks

Hi! I am taking a constructive breather, trying to calm my nerves and plan the rest of my day. I had planned on writing for a while after my mile walk on my treadmill. I opted to stay home today versus go the library and work. I should have went to
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Posted in Personal on April 13, 2015

Creating a Vision Board

Hello! I am sharing my excitement today. I am creating a vision board. It is a project that I should have finished a long time ago. You see, last year I started on a new path in life. I began writing and f
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Posted in Personal on April 10, 2015

Can an introvert be a passionista?

Hi. I came across the word passionista recently and it got me thinking. Can I, a true blue introvert, call myself a passionista? First of all, I love the word. Don't you? For me it conjures up images of a vibrant, outgoing and powerful woman. What i
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Posted in Personal on April 7, 2015

Introduction for kimberlydub

Hello. I am Kimberly Duboise. I am a writer of poetry and inspiration. I love to read, write, cook, and walk in nature. Before writing full time I taught preschool in a public school. One of my favorite things about it was reading time. I enjoyed developi
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Posted in Personal on April 3, 2015

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