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Love Story

When I woke up I was in the hospital, I had pneumonia and was seriously ill, I couldn’t talk or do anything I was in ICU for almost a month as the doctors contemplated on whether or not to perform an abortion so as to save my life, but my angel was d
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Posted in Entertainment on November 10, 2014

Family is Everything

We all long and yearn to be loved for who we really are.To be accepted with all our flaws. The people who fulfill this desire for us are none other than those whom we refer to as family.Maybe it is because they have no choice but it does not matter,the fac
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Posted in Family on October 29, 2014

Gift Cards

Clearly in the beginning only the supermarkets used to give them away but the trend is rapidly picking and has been picked by book stores, food joints, boutiques, jewellery stores, gift shops among other in order for them to maximize their sales in the mar
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Posted in Art on October 25, 2014

The Art Of Writing

Writing is an art and sometimes it can be hard. Not a lot of people can write. It takes self discipline to be able to carve letters into words and finally into sentences. Most writers have good days and bad days. There are assignments that can be nerve rac
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Posted in Art on October 22, 2014

Dealing with Bad News

What happens when you get bad news? It can be depressing or frustrating especially if you happen to receive it during the first day of the week or worse morning hours. The human brain varies from one person to the other in the manner at which it processes
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Posted in Personal on October 21, 2014

Slow Down

It is amazing how every new day life seems to be changing rapidly or passing us by. The pace is so fast and if a person is not careful they might find themselves alone with no one to engage with as everybody has already left. People are so busy with their
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Posted in Personal on October 21, 2014

Know Your Worth

Self evaluation every now and again is vital to our psychological well being. It ensures that a person can improve in whatever areas of their lives that need improvement. It can be in the social aspect of their lives or even maybe the financial aspect all
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Posted in Personal on October 20, 2014

Introduction for Katekay

I am an experienced administrative and managerial executive with over five years work experience. I have worked for both local and international companies and this has helped me gain and develop a professional image in the career industry. Every new day
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Posted in Personal on October 20, 2014

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