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Persona Paper Mobile Browsing

Yehey! After the Persona Paper website maintenance, I can now finally write an article here using a mobile browser. One of my previous posts was about persona paper website not working properly in mobile browser. I told them that the text field/co
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Posted in Technology on June 13, 2014

Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola

Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola
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Posted in Food on June 12, 2014


Since I wasn't able to use the desktop computer because my father was using it and playing his favorite online Role Playing Game, I tried writing an article using a mobile phone. When I tried accesing and using mobile phone to browse persona paper, I can b
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Posted in Technology on June 10, 2014

Earned my first dollar

It's been 4 days since the day that I registered here and started writing up articles. So far, in my 4 written articles I already earned my first dollar but 50 coins of it are from my referrals that succesfully passed a qualified articles and I'm very than
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Posted in Random on June 10, 2014


Anyone here loves playing volleyball like me? I've been playing volleyball for 4 years and now, even though that I have asthma I keep on joining volleyball competition. It all started when my 9th grade MAPEH (Physical Education) teacher teached us the basi
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Posted in Animals on June 7, 2014

Construction Worker cemented a car to the Pavement

Did you know that a VW CADDY was cemented to the pavement in Brazil because the owner of the car refused to remove his displayed car? Mark Drummond was displaying his cars in that pavement for about 20 years and he strongly refused to remove his car in tha
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Posted in Breaking News on June 7, 2014


I mentioned on my previous article that I already writing for an online money making site like persona paper and i'm a little bit confuse. I made my own logo for my articles (article cover photo) and everytime I posted a new article on that "other online m
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Posted in Random on June 6, 2014


Good Evening guys! (GMT +8) Hi I'm Jenn, 18 years old from Metro Manila Philippines. A college student and currently working as a online freelancer (some of my expertise are data entry, Microsoft Office, Photo editing and many more). I love to read and wr
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Posted in Random on June 6, 2014

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