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I am back!!

Good evening everyone!! Now I am back again here in Persona. Its been a while since the last time I write here! Sorry guys but I have been busy with so many things, online and offline. How's everyone here? I hope my friends here can still remember me. Now
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Posted in Business on October 4, 2014

Thanks persona for my first payment!

Hello fellow writers!! I feel so great today because of the blessings that I received from persona.. My first payment ever with the amount of $5. The good news is that aside from a very fast payment, it is also intant and it will credited immediately on yo
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Posted in Personal on June 15, 2014

Thanks Persona for giving me another chance!!!

Good morning everyone!! How are you all today? The other day, I made my very first cash out here in Persona, after I press the redemption button, I received a message telling me that if I didn't received my payment within 24hrs I will contact the moderator
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Posted in Personal on June 14, 2014

Just had my lunch!!!

Good high noon fellow writer here in Persona or should I call you Personas? Well I just finsihed doing all my laundry,. I try to write on the other site but it keeps me redirecting to website offline, so I decided to take my lunch so I have the energy to c
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Posted in Random on June 14, 2014

Its not worth Posting!!

Good morning everyone, I visited my account the other site to check if its now running well, but I was surprise that my last post last night only gain 6 likes and 18 views with 3 irrelevant comment. compared to my last article here, I gain 23 likes here an
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Posted in Random on June 13, 2014

My Bed is now calling me!!!

Hello everyone! Its past 11:00PM here. I wanna stay in the site more to interact with my new friends here but Its already getting late. I still need to wake up early tomorrow because I will be sending my cousin in the bus terminal at aroung 5:00AM that's w
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Posted in Random on June 13, 2014

Saving my articles in Notepad/Ms word!!

Good evening everyone!! Because my friends account in Bubblews was deleted because of unknown reason yet, I decided to copy my all my articles in Ms word or in a note pad. This is to preserve all my hardworks and just incase my account will be deleted I ca
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Posted in Personal on June 13, 2014

20 articles for my first redemption here!!

Good afternoon everyone! How's your earnings here so far? For I am finally reaching my goal today which is my 5 dollars. I joined this site last June 7, its my 6th day today here and finally reaching $5 in my bank. With 20 articles posted including this on
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Posted in Random on June 13, 2014

Effects of Jealousy!!

When you feel jealous. that's normal. It only means that you really love that certain person.Maybe you are just afraid of losing the person that you love.that's why you feel jealous with someone else who is close to him/her. But too much jealousy where in
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Posted in Random on June 13, 2014

Spurs Win Again!!!

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Posted in Sports on June 13, 2014

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