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Saturday Was Busy

Saturday was one of those days where you just don't feel like you have the time to breath because you know you have somewhere to be.It was kind of like that for me. I was suppose to be at my Sons for Malik's birthday party.My daughter had left her 3
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Posted in Family on August 12, 2014

Mamas Other Baby Boy

This is my other little snuggle Partner his name is Winston. He is a Chihuahua and as sweet as the day is long. When I am gone he misses his Mama so very badly. When I get home he screams and screams , he doesn't stop until I sit down and he can per
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Posted in Animals on July 13, 2014

My Life Saver

I would like to introduce you to my boy Widget , he is a Brug . My oldest daughter got him for me to try to get my mind off Ashlee . Ashlee was my 10 year old Chihuahua that passed over and she had been gone for 6 months and i still called her name o
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Posted in Animals on June 10, 2014

Saying Hello and Introducing Myself

My name is Jodi ,I live in Kansas with my husband 3 of my kids and 3 of my Grand Kids. I have a mini Zoo in my house That is just the people , not including my pets .lol I am no longer able to work a regular job so I spend a lot
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Posted in Personal on June 10, 2014

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