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English Names - Long Tongue Scrog Lane

The English language is full of quirky words, hardly surprising when you consider its history and the different influences over time. Think of Latin, Norse, Celtic, Saxon,French - ancient languages that have at one time or another been absorbed into Englis
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Posted in Random on January 14, 2015

Trees in Winter

Out walking in winter time you get to see the skeleton of many trees, trees without leaves, the deciduous ones as opposed to the evergreen, which keep their leaves throughout winter. These skeletons are fascinating because they allow you to see the bare b
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Posted in Personal on January 13, 2015

Footpaths - Secret Ways into the British Countryside

The footpath system here in the UK has evolved over centuries, if not millennia. Ancient tracks criss-cross the countryside and allow the walker to get to places you could never possibly reach in a car or even on a bicycle. Many footpaths are narrow track
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Posted in Animals on January 12, 2015

Strong Winds

The wind is strong today and has been for the last few days, sweeping in from the west, making the big trees dance like mad things and the birds risk their necks in flight! If you go out in a wind like this and face it head on your breath is taken away by
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Posted in Random on January 12, 2015

Get a Tax Return - IT's Your Money!!

My eldest son has received a welcome tax return this morning. He got a total of 260£ (approx. 300 odd dollars) from the Inland Revenue after writing to them and asking if he had payed the right amount of tax whilst working. I encouraged him to do th
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Posted in Personal on January 12, 2015

Wild Birds

We have many wild bird species living locally here in the north of England close to a range of hills called the Pennines, often referred to as the spine of England. The diverse nature of the countryside - there are hill farms, woods, streams, dales and cop
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Posted in Animals on January 11, 2015

A Walk on the Wild Side

That was a refreshing walk. We faced the wild west wind and survived! Here in Lepton on the edge of the Pennine Hills in Yorkshire the wind can be fierce, blasting in, gathering force as it sweeps down into the dales and vales. Gusts can take your breath a
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Posted in Personal on January 10, 2015

Modern Sculpture - Giant Hare Woman

This naked giant hare is made out of metal wire and was created by Sophie Ryder, a sculptor who loves to work with mythological themes and characters. She has several pieces based around the idea of the hare as a symbol of mystery, intuition and magic. A
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Posted in Art on January 10, 2015

Introduction for jackfrank

Hello, my name is Andrew Spacey and I am currently working as a teacher in the north of England. I teach drama and English, the former to young adults, the latter to ESOL students of all ages. My hobbies include walking, travel, observing Nature, poetr
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Posted in Personal on January 9, 2015

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