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Hybrid Cars - The way forward

I have always been a fan of the traditional petrol Engine. Here in Japan the Hybrid cars are very popular nowadays, even though they can be twice the price of a traditional petrol engine car. I took my car to have it's bi-yearly check and the Honda garage
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Posted in Technology on August 17, 2014

Not Racism but just not used to us

Here in Japan, it has gotten better over the last few years however foreigners have had a hard time. The problems are things like, getting property, even renting, getting credit / loans etc. And a more apparent one - people sitting next to you on the train
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Posted in Travel on August 16, 2014

The painful surgery some women go through to leg slimmer legs

In Japan and Korea recently there are a lot of women who undergo painful surgery in order to make their calves thinner. This is not simply removing fat, since especially in Korea there are many women who have genetically large calves muscles. Having large
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Posted in Health & Fitness on August 15, 2014

Introduction for hezekiah

Hi, I am from the UK originally but reside in Japan with my family now. I am working for a logistics company in central Tokyo although I live in the quiet suburbs around 25km away. My main hobby is to produce and compose music using my MIDI keyboard and
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Posted in Personal on August 15, 2014

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