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My Dog is Still Unwell

It has been over a month when my dog was diagnosed with erlichiosis. The target date for her to get well is between 21-45 days. We are nearing 45 days and my dog still has jaundice. I have finally decided to bring my dog to the bigger city so we can get a
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Posted in Animals on August 12, 2014

Neglected, Forgotten

That promise of a callback, or a text back. Then you keep on waiting, waiting, and waiting until you get tired of waiting because who are you kidding? There is no text or call coming after all. You have been forgotten, neglected, taken for granted by the v
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Posted in Personal on August 12, 2014

Palparan Arrested

Retired Maj. Gen. Jovito Palparan Jr., one of the most wanted criminals, was finally arrested by the National Bureau of Investigation in Manila. Palparan was charged with kidnapping and serious illegal detention in the alleged abduction of two students fro
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Posted in Breaking News on August 11, 2014

RIP Robin WIlliams

Actor Robin Williams has been found dead on Monday. The suspected cause of death is said to be suicide. Investigation is still underway. According to reports, Robin Williams was last seen alive on the evening of August 10. There will be a forensic examinat
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Posted in Entertainment on August 11, 2014

World Peace

These two words may be overused but I wish and pray for it especially today. The warring that has been going on has to stop. It really has to stop. So many innocent lives have been claimed. Only those dealing with arms are getting richer. There is too
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Posted in Politics on August 11, 2014

Flight cancelled

Well what do you know? Just when you need to leave for an important business matter, the storm comes in and messes up your schedule. Yeah. Flight has been cancelled due to force majeure. Of course when nature puts down her foot, there's no way of ever stop
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Posted in Travel on July 14, 2014

Entertaining Kids with Tablets

With the kind of advancement that we have today in technology, we are getting more and more glued to our gadgets. There are kids today who do not go out and play like how we used to back in the 80s and 90s. Most of them are glued to tablets and computers.
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Posted in Family on June 28, 2014

Mount Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary in Davao Oriental, Philippines

Mount Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary has been granted the a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Mount Hamiguitan has a large forest consisting of bonsai trees that is said to be about a century old. Mount Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary
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Posted in Travel on June 23, 2014

Say Hi to my Lazypod!

Have you ever tried watching movie on your phone and you have to keep holding it or prop it with something in order to stand? Yes of course, there are phone cases with built-in stand but nothing beats a lazypod because you can move it about and adjust it a
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Posted in Technology on June 20, 2014

The Drama of Philippine Politics

I could not speak for the state of politics in other nations. But here in the Philippines, corruption is the cancer of the society. From the lowest level of the governing body up to the highest. The difference is that some do it shamelessly while others do
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Posted in Politics on June 20, 2014

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