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It's High Time Manchester United Put Their House In Order

The 2014/205 English Premier League Season has started on a high note. All the teams which finished in the top four in the last season, have all won their opening matches, with the exception of Chelsea, which is supposed to play its first game in the next
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Posted in Sports on August 18, 2014

Why I Have Reservations For Total Elimination Of The Like Button

I guess that we all would love to have more coins and if the recent update by elitecodex comes into effect, then yes, almost all our posts are going to generate more coins when compared to the coins they have generated under the current 'like system'.
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Posted in Persona Paper on July 13, 2014

Brazil vs Netherlands: A Fight For The 2014 FIFA World Cup Third Place

On Saturday, the 12th of July, 2014, World Cup 2014 hosts, Brazil have a date with Netherlands for a FIFA World Cup third place position. Both Brazil and Netherlands are going into this match wounded, with Brazil having been thrashed seven goals aga
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Posted in Sports on July 10, 2014

Wayne Rooney Finally Scores In A World Cup Tournament

Before England took to the pitch to play Uruguay in 2014 FIFA World Cup Fixture in Brazil, there was only one debate which was in the minds and lips of almost all football enthusiasts; it was the story of Wayne Rooney. Yes, Wayne Rooney had not scored in
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Posted in Sports on June 20, 2014

Brazil 2014: Today's Fixtures And Yesterday's Results

World Cup, Brazil 2014: So far all the scheduled games in this year's World Cup tournament even have been played. No single match has been delayed or missed due to any reason. And so far, all the all time World Cup favorites have continued to demonstr
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Posted in Sports on June 16, 2014

Latest World Cup Updates: Brazil 2014 All Scores

After three days of serious action in the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournamnet in Brazil, yesterday saw the long term rivals Italy thrash England 2-1, And it it the Premier League run away boy, Balotelli, who did the final damage to the English side. Engl
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Posted in Sports on June 15, 2014

World Cup Latest Final Results: Columbia 3 - 0 Greece

In another entertaining match which has just ended in Brazil, Columbia have proven to be a big obstacle for Greece to climb, after they have thumped Greece 3-0 in an entertaining World Cup fixture in Brazil. Both the teams started on game on a right gear,
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Posted in Sports on June 14, 2014

Breaking News: Netherlands Punish Spain 5-1

The old aged saying that revenge is sweet when served hot has just come into play in the just concluded group B FIFA 2014 World Cup match between Spain and Netherlands. From this post's title, you can read the score line, but beneath that score line
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Posted in Sports on June 13, 2014

Brazil 2014 Latest Updates: First Half Results Spain 1 - 1 Netherlands

Today I am into too much Sports and most probably it’s because I am a Sports enthusiast; a football enthusiast to be precise. I have been off and on, because I am doing two things at the moment: Watching Spain Vs Netherlands game and equally reading
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Posted in Sports on June 13, 2014

Brazil World Cup Updates: Final Results, Mexico 1 - 0 Cameroon

After 90 Minutes plus a few extra minutes in added time, the first game of today's world cup fixtures has witnessed Cameroon going down 0-1 to Mexico, in group A fixture. In a game which has witnessed a record number of three disallowed goals, it will&nbs
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Posted in Sports on June 13, 2014

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