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One of my drawing

Previously, i introduced the mobile software subdivformer and infinite design. Here is a sample of an art where you can form using the subdivformer. Subdivformer is a 3d maker that you can use to create variety of forms or characters. It doesnt have a colo
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Posted in Art on July 17, 2014

Newbie here! A few questions pls..

Hi. I am a new member of persona paper and there are things here that im not familiar with. I know tenure members will be able to help me.. How do i like a particular post? Ive been looking for a like button but all i can see are social media to share. I c
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Posted in Personal on July 14, 2014

software recommendation

There is a software that im using in my cellphone that i find my useful in being a graphic designer. First i downloaded the subdivformer to create a 3d character. I form the character using my imagination. First, its only a ball with faces, but after i did
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Posted in Technology on July 14, 2014

Meet ashley!

This is my dog ashley. We got her last new year. We had mickey before her but we lost her. It was new years day and we went out to celebrate it to my boyfriends relatives. Mickey is afraid of noises and whenever she heard loud noises, she goes beserk. Neig
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Posted in Animals on July 14, 2014

Introduction for emzrios03

Im a call center agent who likes to talk to other people ans and offer solution. I am a shy type of person but love to visit beautiful places. I have 3 dogs at home named ashley, kenji and lala. I live with my bf and he is the source of my happiness. My fa
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Posted in Personal on July 9, 2014

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Do you use your stylus to create your masterpieces on your mobile?

July 26, 2014, 4:59 AM

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