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Decorating tree stumps

Our condo association decided to cut down seven trees on the property, and two of them were behind our home. They were dead and leaning toward the house, so we had them cut down. The stumps were not ground out, and I didn't want to look at the
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Posted in Gardening on July 23, 2014

Who Will Win the Stanley Cup?

Who Will Win the Stanley Cup?
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Posted in Sports on June 10, 2014

Hi everyone!

I just learned about Personapaper, and I am glad to join and get to know you all. I am not new to writing, I have been writing for Epinions, Yahoo Voices and Viewpoints as well as Bubblews. I am sure I will see many familiar faces and names here!&nbs
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Posted in Personal on June 10, 2014

Dangers of Craigs List

Today I was listening to the news and caught part of a story about a woman who was raped when she answered an ad for work on Craigs List. Now, let me be clear, I do buy and sell things on Craigs List, but I am very careful about it. If I g
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Posted in Random on June 10, 2014

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