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Finally I can say that I was able to do what I am dreaming since I started writing on platforms like ppers. Hehehehe, as some of my old ppers folks here and back in bubblews I really want to buy a tablet.... I really thank the LORD he make me able to affor
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Posted in Personal on August 13, 2016

power up my smart phone, help?

Hi there Ppers! Got a problem to solve and please don't laugh if I look stupid while asking but its computer tech so I am wondering if there is a possibility. I am using Alcatel Pixi3, and I am wondering if I can turn it into a tablet.... The inte
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Posted in Technology on March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday

Its Easter Sunday! Am I happy? Of course Iam! But I'll be much happier if I am a good steward of everything that God has given me specially the life that he has given me twice. First when I was conceived... And second when I received redemption that he
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Posted in Personal on March 27, 2016

Debate in the Philippines

Right now the debate of each candidates for presidency for this year 2016 is going on right now. And it makes me laugh while listening to our vice president who is now running for presidency. He and his family is facing a lot of cases of corruption. His wh
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Posted in Politics on March 20, 2016


I really do not know if I am really ready. But all I know is I want to make sure of my parent's salvation. Something happened and both of my parent was hospitalized. What comes to my head is not about death and sadness but the assurance of them going to h
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Posted in Personal on February 25, 2016

Bluer than Blue

Bluer than Blue, Sadder than Sad... February has to go after a few weeks it will go and fly up in the sky, and so my love for all of you who have all become a dear friend to me. I hope to see you soon whenever you go. But hopefully another miracles will ha
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Posted in Personal on February 21, 2016

I wonder (how do they break each others Hearts)

I read something about a song by an old famous singer before my time, and I was curious where he was so I google him instantly. As I am reading his profile I came across to his wives... it is like a work experience in a resume that begins in a certain yea
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Posted in Family on January 19, 2016

Travel Inspired by Movies

I guess that the Movie Industry did not only promotes different life story that motivates people, and it does not only to entertain but to promote something... and one of it is tourism. Growing up there is only two places I want to go when I grew up, Amer
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Posted in Travel on January 19, 2016


As I have read cheri 's post, I wonder when I will be able to earn from here. But in the past weeks I have learned that it helps us to increase our earnings here not just by commenting but also for posting your thoughts. Commenting lone will hav
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Posted in Persona Paper on January 19, 2016

PLans (Moving On for the Next Road)

New Plans is already laid by my own self that hopefully I will be able to make it happen. The thing is not everything in that plan should be solely approved by me but of I need approval by other people too. Like having a new job before the month end. I alr
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Posted in Personal on January 19, 2016

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