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Bible Trouble Again

Well the Bible is under attack again. That's right! I was watching the news on channel five this morning. They reported that a child wasn't allowed to ready his Bible eventhough it was during free time. He wasn't reading it out loud or disturbing any of th
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Posted in Breaking News on January 6, 2015

Children's Miracle Network

While watching television the other day a commercial came on that really got my attention. I was working on my computer when I heard the announcement. This particular commercial was advertising for the Children's Miracle Network. It went on to tell us that
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Posted in Business on January 4, 2015

Stirring Things Up

Well I wrote earlier about this site and it seemed to upset a lot of people. Some of them didn't understand what I meant either but that is alright. I think this site will probably one day be a good one. It is just taking them time to get started. I didn't
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Posted in Personal on July 28, 2014

Sorry Site

Well I just wrote a wonderful article on this site right here. They had this captcha and it didn't accept what I wrote which was exactly what it said so when I transferred the link and hit submit it disappeared. Then it said wrong captcha and said try agai
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Posted in Business on July 28, 2014

Rescued Sea Turtle

Well I was watching television this morning when I came across this show about a sea turtle. This turtle is huge. They estimated the average weight of it to be somewhere around two hundred and fifty pounds. That's a lot of turtle! Well it was discovered by
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Posted in Animals on July 26, 2014

Introduction for colemanwigger

My occupation is self-employed at Works Of Wigger. My hobbies include crafts, photography, poetry writing and collecting memories throughout life. I also enjoy crime drama and sci-fi shows and movies. Star Trek has always been a huge part of my life. Throu
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Posted in Personal on July 25, 2014

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