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Why my bank isn's moving?

I have already written a few articles but my bank is the same as before writing those new articles. I really don't know why. I have written those articles a few weeks ago and the ammount of money is the same as before. I really don't know if it's my fault
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Posted in Personal on June 5, 2016

Make money in time is really difficult?

What do i mean with in time? of course before becoming too old to do everything i want. I'm 26 now, every day i'm closer and closer to the old age and i'm still poor. I should find a way to make money but it seems that it's more difficult than i thought. I
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Posted in Business on May 4, 2016

money is so important...

Have you ever noticed how important is money in our lives? try to do something without it. Can you traver somewhere? no of course, can you eat something? of course not. Can you live in a house? no. All those things need money to be done, of course you can
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Posted in Personal on April 30, 2016

A strong wind...

Today there is a strong wind here. I can't say how much is its speed but it was able to spread away a lot of things that i had on my balcony. I can see the grass of the countryside from my window, bending due to the stregth of the wind. It this period
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Posted in Spirituality on April 25, 2016

Two months with no rain

It's past so much time since the last post here, i'm back now and i would like to talk about the crazy weather we have here in Italy. Yesterday it was raining, after 2 months with no rain, it is a very bad thing because here in the north of Italy there is
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Posted in Random on January 3, 2016

Cats everywhere.

I was watching some pictures of the last year holidays on my computer when i found one when i was surrounded by cats. I went to Greece in the end of September, in the small island of Kos, there i have noticed that there were cats everywhere. People in Gree
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Posted in Animals on October 21, 2015

Fruit juices to fight cancer.

As all of us know, cancer is a very bad disease and there is not a real cure for it, tumors can be removed with surgery, or people could try with medicines so powerful that the side effects could be very bad. Cancer is mortal as we all know, so what
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Posted in Health & Fitness on October 16, 2015

is WIFI really harmful?

I have heard so much about WIFI, almost every local, supermarket or city center has a WIFI. This is really annoying because i think that is really harmful for our body. It is not only my thought of course, tons of studies reveal that there are several risk
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Posted in Health & Fitness on October 15, 2015

Growing muscles.

Back in the 2009 i was 47 kg. I am 1,74 meters and as you can imagine, i am a bit skinny. Now in the 2015 i am 61 kg and all the weight i gained comes from all the muscles i gained by going to the gym day after day, workout after workout. I was really too
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Posted in Sports on October 15, 2015

So tired this evening.

This evening i am really tired, i have worked s much today, almost 12 hours and i really feel a bit too tired now. It's 23:30 here, more or less, tomorrow morning i will have to wake up at 7:00 AM so i better go to bed as soon as possible, i will have abou
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Posted in Personal on October 13, 2015

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