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Self-confidence can never be taught.

Self-confidence. A lot of people doesn't have that. And yes, I am one of those persons. I really do not have a confidence in myself. I always look at myself lower than the people around me. I tend not to appreciate what I do. That even when people would s
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Posted in Random on July 19, 2014

Can religion save us?

What is the truth about religion? Can religion save us? Can religion change us? Yesterday, we watched a video from an atheist saying that, "Religion cannot reform mankind because religion is just a form of slavery". Does that thing tells us the truth?&nb
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Posted in Random on July 18, 2014

Newbie here. Can anyone take me a tour? :D

Good morning dear friends! Someone in facebook just send me a link of this site. Opportunity knocks with me so yes, I grabbed the opportunity and registered to this site. Since I am new here, I am still discovering the ways here and I hop
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Posted in Personal on July 17, 2014

Introduction for christinejane18

I am just an ordinary girl living in an ordinary world. My world just turns in the house, at school, and at the church. I have an overprotective parents and they wouldn't allow me to go out somewhere with my friends. But, I understand them now, they just w
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Posted in Personal on July 17, 2014

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