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Art, you say?

Drawing to me and with me involved are a bunch of lines (horizontal, vertical or lines that will make your math teacher cringe), curves, circles, triangles, and a whole lot of shapes that only a 5 year old can appreciate. To put it in perspective, I like t
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Posted in Art on August 16, 2014

Loving Me Bed

The week ended with a huge thud in bed. Luckily the bed didn't give way. It's still standing with its four feet apart supporting me reluctantly. Apparently, this will be the longest quality time I'll spend in my lovely and cosy bed. I am totally kn
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Posted in Personal on August 15, 2014

A Bird Perched on a Tree

Sing once again O bird! Sing the melodious song you once played. ‘Tis the sweetest thing everyone heard before. Your song told the truth. Profound truths that I so long evaded. It touched the core of my being. I chased the demon
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Posted in Writing on August 7, 2014

Crazy Rant

This is my WTF moment. Pardon my French but WTF!!! I don't want to blame anyone but myself. So full and sure of myself that I am not careful. I wrote a blog before this but thanks to my excellent typing skills(sarcasm button is on) and my
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Posted in Personal on August 7, 2014

Ode to My Father

Whether with heartache or death, it is hard to move on with our lives. We can say that it is easy from a third person perspective, however I've experienced death in the family. Not a relative that's so dear to me but it was someone who was part of my life
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Posted in Family on August 3, 2014

A Glimpse

Currently, I am teaching English to Korean kids as a foreign language. This job is tedious. They say to teach is a passion and not a skill, but then again to teach you need to be fully equipped with the basics of the English language. I love the language a
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Posted in Personal on August 2, 2014

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