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Labor day pot luck ideas

Hi readers this Monday is Labor day the final day of summer and I know most of you will be grilling and chilling here's some ideas for a labor day pot luck mac and cheese w mush rooms or a cheese and cracker plate and fo
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Posted in Holidays on August 31, 2016

Violence in the us

Within the last several weeks there have been Police officers being killed for no reason in Dallas Tx 5 officers lost there lives these people were human beings doing a dangerous job they don't get paid very well and they left behind 
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Posted in Personal on July 27, 2016

In the line of fire

At Brenda Mc cools service people have been saying that her son Isaiah should have taken the bullet first of all a parent will go the extra mile to keep there child safe whether there a child or a adult
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Posted in Personal on June 22, 2016

Open season

Early last Sunday morning in Orlando a deranged gunman declared open season on many club goers killing several people and wounding many others the club in downtown Orlando attracted lgbt and Latin's many Latin's who were at the club lost
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Posted in Personal on June 16, 2016

Summer time activities for kids

Hi readers as many of know that school will be out soon and the kids need to stay busy so lets look at some activities Tampa recreation offers a 8 week day camp program for80 dollars which that works out to be 10 dollars per week which to me that's a
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Posted in Family on May 25, 2016

Better then i was

I think taking a couple of weeks off was a good idea I will be back next Monday writing about things that interest me a couple of weeks away helped so much while I was away I decided to try lyft because I noticed a few things about uber&n
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Posted in Personal on April 5, 2016

FL Strawberry festival

Hi readers the Strawberry festival will be starting tomorrow and a good time will be had by young and old alike the festival is held in Plant city the festival was held back in 1930 the festival has a make your own shortcake booth it is s
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Posted in Family on March 2, 2016

Making major life style changes

Hi readers, as many of you already know that 3 years ago I had a major health scare and I knew I had to make changes not be around people who smoke cut out pizza and make good food choices but sometimes that's not possible around th
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Posted in Personal on February 24, 2016

History of the Oscars

hi readers . the Oscars is fast approaching lets look at the history of the Oscars the Oscars was first televised on tv back in 1953 and it was held at a hotel back in the 30s to 40s the ceremony was first held in late March or early April unti
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Posted in Entertainment on February 22, 2016

ILL miss writing for persona paper

Hi readers, I heard the news that persona paper is shutting down I enjoy writing for them at least the founder let us know un like arvind who took our money and ran . im writing to make extra money so I don't have to depend on my sister&n
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Posted in Personal on February 17, 2016

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