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Making Money

Since I have defected from that other site I have been doing some writing. Been busy moving to another state. Been involved in the Foster Care process. Looks like we may end up with our former foster child. I would love this.
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Posted in Random on August 6, 2015

Raise yoru hand if you are sick of winter....

Ok. Funny joke mother nature! Real funny. We are all laughing at the snow you brought today. The cold bitter day with snow flying was so funny! Not to mention the two blizzards we received in January. Not to mention we h
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Posted in Humor on April 9, 2015

Way to go State of Maine!

I just heard that Maine is revamping their welfare system. In order for people who are ABLE bodied and CAN work to get benefits they are going to need to put a little effort into receiving them. They need to volunteer 20 hours a week and/or tak
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Posted in Breaking News on April 8, 2015

Testing my students

It is that happy time of year again. The time where teachers have sharp pencils and a stack of booklets that feel like will determine their future are well as their students. Testing week! I have passed out these lovely white booklets to
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Posted in Parenting on April 7, 2015

My one prank

Every year I pull the same prank on my students. I give them a super hard test that they have no way of knowing most of the answers. This year was no different. It is easy to fool 3rd graders. I had one child melting as she was sitt
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Posted in Humor on April 1, 2015

Parents and Grandchildren

I was talking to an older friend of mine. She is caring for her parents and yet has grandchildren. She was sharing how she and her husband want to go on a vacation but she has to be home to care for her 93 year old parents. She asked her
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Posted in Family on March 25, 2015

Clean Puppy

I have a shorkie. She has hair instead of fur. So from time to time I need to get her to the groomers and get cut. Several times between the groomers I bathe her at home. Last night was one of those times. She was starting to
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Posted in Animals on March 25, 2015

Do you have an emergency plan?

I am watching the movie 2012. It is a movie about the end of the world. I remember when 2012 was looming in front of us. I also remember when 9/11 went down. I live in New England. It was at that time my family came up with ou
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Posted in Personal on March 22, 2015

You are running through the woods and are being chased. Would you rather be chased by Zombies or Big Foot?

You are running through the woods and are being chased. Would you rather be chased by Zombies or Big Foot?
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Posted in Sci Fi & Paranormal on March 22, 2015

School Ties

My husband and I are watching School Ties. It is a movie with Brendan Frashier. It is a movie about a jewish boy who gets a full football scholarship to an elite prep school in Mass in the 1950's. He is told to keep his faith on the down
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Posted in Movies & TV on March 21, 2015

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Where did it all go? There was a time I thought Persona Paper would champion all other writing sites. Do advertisers have the upper hand? Is it there way or the byeway?

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Hi. Glad I found you over here in this new neighborhood. Hope you are enjoying this site. I'm finding lots of old friends.

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Hi! I really enjoy a good book, too. So nice to meet and follow you.

January 4, 2015, 2:52 PM

Nice to meet you beachchair! I know you are wishing it was summer so you could sit in one right now (me too)

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