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Duplicate Content Policy - Let Your Voice Be Heard

Hi everyone! I wanted to make one final post before my flight tomorrow as my availability will be hit and miss over the next day or so. I wanted to let everyone know of some additional policy changes that we will most likely be making which I t
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Posted in Breaking News on June 22, 2014

Changes in Upper Management

Hey everyone, I wanted to post an update on the site regarding where we are, and what is to come. Since this could get a little lengthy I'll just jump right into it. Google AdSense The final email came in, effectively banning me from AdSense for th
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Posted in Breaking News on June 20, 2014

Site Updates - June 18th 2014

Hi everyone, I want to let you know of some updates that I am getting ready to install. The first biggest change is an enhancement to the image credit field. This will two things, the first is it will remind you that you need an image credit. &
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Posted in Breaking News on June 18, 2014

Site Maintenance 6/16/2014

Hi everyone, I wanted to put a quick message out that in about a half hour I will be taking the site down for just a little bit to do some software maintenance. It should not be down long, maybe 15 minutes or so but just incase anyone happens to see
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Posted in Breaking News on June 16, 2014

Notices and Updates

Good morning everyone - I wanted to put a note out on a few things this morning. Sort of randomly scattered but each by themselves not enough to fill a post. Recent Activity I need to trim the recent activity list. Up until now, it has been e
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Posted in Breaking News on June 16, 2014

Amazon Ads

Hi everyone - we are still working on an AdSense replacement and every ad network we apply to seems either doesn't pay anywhere near what is needed or we are just out right denied. So in the meantime, we have setup an Amazon affiliate account an
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Posted in Breaking News on June 15, 2014

Plagiarism Notice 2

Hi everyone - I just want to really re-iterate the importance of the plagiarism policy. We had to take a zero tolerance policy approach and I really need the members to take it seriously. Now more than ever, we need to focus on quality of conte
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Posted in Breaking News on June 14, 2014

Exchange Rate Notice

Hi everyone! Regretfully I have some bad news I need to pass along. As of late last week, Google AdSense has closed my account for this site. I have been frantically applying to other ad networks but they all have denied me, despite being
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Posted in Breaking News on June 14, 2014

New Plagiarism Policy and Other Updates

Hi everyone - I wanted to take this time and write an article on the new policy we will have regarding plagiarism going forward. I have to say, I was surprised at the amount of plagiarism found on this site with only the 400 members we have. Ou
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Posted in Breaking News on June 12, 2014

Site Maintenance 6/12/2014

Hi Everyone! I wanted to give everyone a heads up that we are going to be doing some site maintenance in about 90 minutes from now ( around 11AM EDT ). During this time, the site may not respond or may be moving a little slower than normal. &nb
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Posted in Breaking News on June 12, 2014

Comments (102)

Not sure if this site is still maintained. I want my account deleted, but the contact form just looped and isn't working.

October 17, 2022, 3:04 PM

A neighbor hood quote: “…but somebody told me..” When you sign up for a website, you often need to agree that you have read all the rules, understand them and you agree to accept them all. You always need to read the guidelines and rules yourself, because if you just ask a user, there’s a huge risk that he will tell you something not true or accurate. Unfortunately, It has been passed SIX YEARS ago.

June 3, 2021, 3:11 AM

Since 6 years ago I've got something like below and today I'm trying to writing but I got the same rubbish issue. ==================================== Your account is currently suspended. We have identified issues in your previous posts which were not handled in a timely manner. You are given 48 hours to fix the issues after you have seen them. Please visit your Open Issues page and address all of the outstanding issues. Then please contact support so we may verify that the issues have been fixed properly. At that time, we will release your account and you may begin posting again. ==================================== THIS A SCAM PROGRAM... DELETE MY ACCOUNT PLEASE!!!

June 3, 2021, 2:56 AM

Hi, Ashley Wahl Sorry to say... if I don't mind that are you a human or just like a Robot?... I am really upset because my account get suspend almost 6 years now. As I know, if you are a human so you will response each of this platform members complaining... OR PROBABLY THIS PLATFORM HAS BECOME A SCAM SITE? Sorry to say... thanks.

June 3, 2021, 2:28 AM

It has been twice or more I sent you messages. Would you'd like to appreciate a reply about my Suspended account group. Looking forward. Thank you.

February 15, 2020, 7:16 AM

What gratitude does to your brain will make you happy...

August 24, 2017, 11:22 AM

Sent you a message. Would appreciate a reply. Thanks in advance.

August 22, 2017, 1:35 AM

please delete my account

May 2, 2017, 1:59 PM

Please read my recent email (Sept 27) on copyright violations by a member.

September 27, 2015, 8:58 AM

Hi, I have earned one coin thus far. How many coins can I earn for every comment I make on another members article? What is the dollar value per coin(s)? Do I have to add a member as a friend in order for them to comment or like my article and I can earn coins?

September 6, 2015, 10:06 PM