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I got a small hourglass and I just cannot stop staring at it, so I wrote a poem on it, and a little story right after that. I needed to share them, so here they are and I hope you enjoy them. Hourglass Their appearance look is fantasticTheir colors are m
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Posted in Writing on November 30, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to take this time tell everyone to have a happy Thanksgiving day. Sometimes there are things that happen that does not allow us to enjoy the special things we have because of the bad things that happen. I want to remind you that we need to keep in m
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Posted in Holidays on November 27, 2014

The Way Life Goes

One day I was scrolling through posts on a social networking site. And then I found a post that said this: Sometimes we must be hurt in order to grow. Sometimes we must fail in order to know. Sometimes we must lose in order to gain. Because som
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Posted in Random on November 24, 2014


There is one thing in the world that I want and that is wings. I always dreamed of having white angel wings with golden tips. That is my vision of having wings. When I role play with friends of mines, I have an angelic character named Sherry, whom has wing
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Posted in Beauty on November 23, 2014

Technology Birth

Do you ever wonder how this world would be like if there was no such thing as technology? I think we would be living like Indians or cavemen and cavewomen like they theorize all the time. That depends on how much smarter humanity becomes living without tec
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Posted in Technology on November 23, 2014

Life Out There

The coolest thing in the world is absolutely knowing if there is life out because I would love to see new life. I would love to get away from this Earth and visit life outside. Maybe they will not be as cruel as the humans besides from the whole “des
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Posted in Sci Fi & Paranormal on November 22, 2014

Fortune Cookies

I really love just the sound of fortune cookies. The cookies taste great, and I love the messages they bring. I believe in them for faith most of the time. They bring me joy and keep me moving. Ever since I was a little girl, I collected fortune cookies an
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Posted in Random on November 22, 2014

The Beautiful Seasons

I think the fact that the different seasons exists is such a beautiful thing. Think about how divine it is to view the world in different colors all year long. I was raised in an island, which of course doesn't have the four seasons summer, winter, autumn
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Posted in Writing on November 21, 2014

Missing Someone

Missing someone shows me how much I care for someone. I hate the feeling of missing someone because it saddens me a lot. You know how it is when you want the individual you miss to be right besides you right at that moment. It was not too long ago-this mor
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Posted in Random on November 21, 2014

Why My Buddies Love Minecraft

The first time I played Minecraft, I was really dizzy and it took me forever to be able to finish a structure. I became uninterested with the game. But then I wondered why people loved Minecraft so much. I sat down and asked my brother and boyfriend why t
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Posted in Gaming on November 20, 2014

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I have read several of your posts and I believe that you are in danger of violating an important rule of the site regarding the use of photographs - some of the images you have used are not available due to copyright issues. You really need to read the FAQs for this site (see the top of this page) where the requirements for using photographs are explained. I have also written two posts which might help you. This one on how to credit photos properly and this one on copyright on the web If anyone on Persona Paper uses photographs they have no right to use they run the risk of not being paid. It is in your own interests to comply with the Rules and FAQs.

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