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Will Persona Survive

Many sights have come before person paper such as bubblews which managed to pay many of its writers only to leave everyone counting their losses.There is a saying that "If you are not experienced don't tease a losing boxer for you know not what weight of t
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Posted in Persona Paper on June 6, 2016

busyblinksdotcom is here

There is a saying that, what you wish for will come to you. I have reached that time in my life but I am not done yet. I have always wished to have my own site. I have gone through some may trials with free sites but today, I am a proud inventor of the sit
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Posted in Breaking News on February 14, 2016

Believe You Can

Life is a challenge to those who are always thinking negative o themselves and looking down on their abilities. Success begins right in the mind in the mist of positive thoughts. What you think so much about becomes your portion in life. If you conti
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Posted in Random on January 28, 2016

I was failed unduly

When my last semester results were released. I was sure I would o well in all the subject as I had targeted not less than B+ in all my courses. I checked my results and every thing I expect was there except my favorite subject for which I was awarded an &l
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Posted in Personal on October 14, 2015

Who Succeeds Obama?

The whole world is looking on with keen interest as far as the#US-2016-election is concerned. Who enters the White House to succeed president Barack Obama is the puzzle the world must wait to get it solved on Tuesday 8th November, 2016. The big question i
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Posted in Politics on October 14, 2015

Is Religion Important to you?

I am very sure this question as a title is not weird to a lot of people but it is to some. Is religion important to you? In today's world, many are those who do not believe in religion and the need to even teach it in schools. Many believe , its a
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Posted in Spirituality on October 11, 2015

What way of dying would you prefer?

What way of dying would you prefer? is a question most of us would at first instance think is not necessary and should not be answered however, many of us might have answered the question even without it being asked. Very often when we watch the new and s
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Posted in Spirituality on October 10, 2015

Back after my dads death

I can just not remember the last time I visited this site to share my thoughts. Is seems ages. I am back from a long break that came about because I lost my dad. I have been mourning until now. Though it seems over, I am yet to get over it how eve
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Posted in Personal on October 10, 2015

My blogs

I have always loved to have my own blog where I can share my thoughts on issues that interest me even if I am not paid. This strong desire was what pulled me away to start some few blogs on my own. This same desire affected my presence on personna paper.
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Posted in Writing on June 13, 2015

Writing sites you may consider

Today, there are so may writing sites that pay us to write. They are so many that some times, its difficult to choose which one to write for . My research brought out some amazing sites that I will like to share with you if you do not mind. 1.elitevisito
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Posted in Writing on February 7, 2015

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