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Bernie Sanders Leads Hillary

As of today the Iowa and new Hampshire primary polls show that Senator Bernie Sanders and Independent presidential candidate is leading Hillary Clinton. Also Sanders is catching up to Hillary in national polls as well. Another poll shows that Bernie could
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Posted in Politics on January 13, 2016

I Don't Watch TV, I Fight with It

I am so disgusted with watching TV that I constantly have to change channels. There is much hype, spin, and commercials on the tube these days that it is a real challenge to try to cherry pick out of the trash any valid and useful info. I find that I have
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Posted in Movies & TV on September 16, 2015

Israel Won't Accept Mid-East Refugees

Benjamin Netanyahu, PM of Israel, stated recently that Israel won't accept Syrian or other Mid-East refugees. He claims that Israel cannot be "submerged" by refugees. I find that statement strange since back in January of 2015, after the Charlie Hebdo mass
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Posted in Politics on September 7, 2015

Amazon Turk Now Lousy Site To Earn Money

Dear readers I can no longer recommend Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk), as such a viable place to earn money. Over the two years I have been active on Mturk I have noticed how the pay for online tasks has dropped dramatically. It used to be I could get $1 f
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Posted in Business on September 5, 2015

Income Unrelated To Work

I have heard recently on two different TV reports that in the not so distant future societies around the world will have to re-think the idea of people working for a living. This discussion is largely about the greater degree of automation and robotics bei
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Posted in Business on September 4, 2015

Trump Wants To Change Tax Code

Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has recently stated in a speech that he wants to help individual American taxpayers by simplifying the tax code that people must abide by when filling out tax returns each year. He went on to say that he int
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Posted in Politics on September 3, 2015

America Exports Junk To the World

Everyone knows that the USA once had such a thriving economy that it was able to export many high quality manufactured items to countries around the world. This included ships, passenger trains, television sets, etc. No longer. Big corporations sold the Am
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Posted in Business on August 29, 2015

Fairness In Hunting Animals As Sport

I have come to the conclusion that Americans who hunt animals for sport should not be allowed to use guns to kill any wild creatures. It is unfair for a human to enter the forest, desert, or jungle and be outfitted with modern automatic weapons for the pur
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Posted in Animals on August 28, 2015

Birth Tourism

As far as the controversy surrounding the so-called 'Anchor Babies' issue persistent in America these days, it is not the Latinos who are most guilty of this practice. Leading the pack to take advantage of an outdated law from 1868 which gave the right of
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Posted in Politics on August 27, 2015

Bernie Sanders Proposes Free Education

Senator Bernie Sanders, an Independent from Vermont, proposes legislating free higher education for Americans at public universities and colleges within the USA if he were to be elected to be the next president. Based on other countries such as Germany and
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Posted in Politics on August 24, 2015

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