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Hotmail is Now No Mail

Frustration. The one word tho describe my feelings right now. Out of the blue I suddenly find that i cannot open my hotmail account. i have always kept it with an automatic sign in feature and hence, I am able to read my mails instantly. Well today was di
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Posted in Business on March 12, 2015

Is It Safe To Fly?

Last year had been a really bad year for the folks in Malaysia where flying is concerned. We have been having a really good track record and the airlines had won many international awards. Suddenly everything came crashing down last year. First it was MH37
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Posted in Personal on March 10, 2015

Be Accountable For Everything

It is just too easy to blame everything on others. some of us are known to blame our parents, siblings, spouse, co-worlers and anyone who comes into our lives for out troubles. Some of us even blame lack of luck for our miseries. I too at one time was lik
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Posted in Family on March 9, 2015

Cleansing My Body

Today I am going to embark on my cleansing ritual. I try to do this one a month and find it beneficial. Perhaps you would like to try it too. This is basically a juice diet. Although it is recommended to do this for a week, I usually only do it for about
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Posted in Health & Fitness on March 8, 2015

Education Is Expensive

I am worried about money. I am not what you would call poor but education is getting more and more expensive each day. I just need to find different avenues of making money to enable my kids to further their education and give them the qualifications they
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Posted in Family on March 8, 2015

Facebook: A Waste Of Time?

Facebook. Who does not know this site. Most of use use this social network to socialise and check out what the rest of our 'friends' are up to. I used to use Facebook a lot. I would log into that site a few times a day just to see what is happening over t
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Posted in Business on March 7, 2015

Making Money Online

I have spent the morning going through a list of web sites and reading their reviews. I keep getting invitations to join various schemes and so I make it a point to check them out. i am a wrier and writing sites always interest me but what gets to me is th
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Posted in Business on March 7, 2015

Forcing Kids To Hit The Books

Should we force our kids to study? This is the issue that is on my mind today. I know there would probably be many folks out there who would say that we should let kid be kids and learn to be responsible and set their own study schedule. I have tried this
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Posted in Family on March 7, 2015

Should Drug Traffickers Be Killed?

In certain parts of the world, the punishment for drug trafficking is death. I do know that as humans we do not have the right to take the life of another. This is the realm of God. Only he gives and he takes. Unfortunately, the issue here is beyond
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Posted in Politics on February 23, 2015

Hot, hot, hot

Sunday, February 22nd 2014. It is 4.19 in the evening and the temperature is 35C. 35? Yeap. it is actually 35C and is is just too hot over here. I feel the heat is just about making it impossible to do anything. I feel so lethargic and lazy. My eyes are sm
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Posted in Personal on February 22, 2015

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