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Lesley Gore

In 1963, a Sixteen year old named Lesley Gore had to top single; "It's my Party." It was a fantastic song, describing a girl who sees her boyfriend dancing with another girl at her very own party. As she was the right age, in the right setting, many
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Posted in Breaking News on February 18, 2015

Yeah, People are Stupider...

At the height of the Vietnam war, while the population protested, the idea to divert came up and the 'Ecology Movement' was launched. It fooled no one. Everyone accepted this 'Ecology Movement' as a way to divert people from the War
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Posted in Politics on January 28, 2015

Stop Pop Ups

Maybe you're stumbling, maybe you've deliberately entered that URL, and there you are on a site...when SUDDENLY comes a PoP UP ad which obliterates the page. Now you can't do anything on that page until that PoP UP finishes loading. And then, after
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Posted in Technology on January 26, 2015

The Jamaican Lottery Scam

For many years the Lottery Scam has operated in Jamaica. It is a rather straight forward crime. People who work at Data Centres get lists of American Citizens who, for example, have subscriptions to magazines. The clerks take a copy of these l
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Posted in Politics on January 22, 2015

Taking Control of Your Cell Phone

A Little Anecdote Although I set the alarm for Seven a.m. I'm usually awake and getting ready by Six Thirty. I was sitting at the table, sipping my coffee when I noticed my cell phone was flashing. Well this was odd. Not even Se
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Posted in Personal on January 14, 2015

Writing Sites (2010 - Present)

In 2010 Google, through it’s Adsense, made the proclamation that it was going to punish ‘Content Farms’. A Content Farm is a site which publishes a certain kind of rubbish. I’ll give you an example. Let’s suppose you do a &l
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Posted in Writing on January 7, 2015

Writing Sites; Way Back When...(2006 -2010)

I’ve been writing online for about eight years. I’ve seen sites come and go. I’ve experienced rip off and smack downs. I’m beginning to think people who write on line must love punishment. But way back when.....? Triond This site
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Posted in Writing on January 6, 2015

What is Plagiarism?

When you write a factual article, you have to use the facts. The facts exist. You can not decide to say Queen Victoria ruled in 1701 or that Texas was one of the thirteen colonies. Those things are not true. Everyone who writes abou
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Posted in Writing on January 5, 2015

Introduction for Tallawah

I am a Jamaican and will be writing from that perspective. I am passionate about football (soccer), am a vegetarian, and have been one most of my life. I am interested in history, culture, current events, interpersonal situations, law, and food, althou
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Posted in Personal on January 4, 2015

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