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Obamatrade and...extortion...?...

Well, once again, we're about to get "shafted". Congress has sided with Obama on the "Trade" bill. I believe that it was done through intimidation. Or, should we call it Extortion. Whenever a bill is submitted to the House, especially a bill that could hu
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Posted in Politics on June 19, 2015

Working After Retirement

After a lifetime of being tied to a job or profession, retirement is, by definition, the time to quit living by the "company clock" and/or "taking down the shingle". But, as it turns out, for various reasons, it does not always work out that way. Some, be
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Posted in Random on June 7, 2015

Conservative...The misunderstood.

I could have put this article under "Political", but, in reality, there is nothing political about Conservatism. I have also grown tired of everything in this chaotic world being given a political connotation. The second anyone utters the word "Conservativ
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Posted in Random on June 5, 2015

Give Caesar what is Caesar's and God what is God's...

I have grown tired of hearing about presidential candidates being electable or not depending on their religious affiliations or lack thereof. Religion is a personal relationship between man and his God. It h
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Posted in Politics on April 11, 2015

Finally did it!

Well...I finally did it. After months of "popping" in and out and giving the benefit of the doubt, the doubt finally won and the benefit died. What am I referring to? Good ol'Bubblews. Since I joined in Nov, 2013, I had posted 169 respect
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Posted in Random on January 24, 2015

Introduction for Strgzr66

Retired as of 2/05/2014. Avid reader of paperbacks, i.e. Intrigue, court drama, crime, forensics, fast action novels and some science fiction, mostly space related. I also dabble in Astronomy. Enjoy going out, late nights, in clear skies, and look for dif
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Posted in Personal on January 11, 2015

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