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Fifth Harmony today launched its new single Worth It

Fifth Harmony today launched its new single Worth It. The song has a rhythm hip hop and includes a collaboration with rapper Kid Ink. The (Harmonizer as they call themselves) fans have been heard today in social networks with the tag # 5HWorthIt. The qui
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Posted in Music on January 20, 2015

4 Fun facts about the Coca Cola

Santa Claus It was Coca Cola who gave the present form Santa Claus, since previously wore green or blue. In the 30s the artist Haddon Sundblom created the character with red clothes drinking Coca Cola, generating a new trend, especially among childre
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Posted in Food on December 23, 2014

Phantom Vibration Syndrome

Has probably happened to you to keep your phone in your pocket and feel vibrating and when you verify there is no notification, I even happened to me that although this a bit out of me in some table I tend to feel that vibe and it is not . Since no definit
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Posted in Technology on October 12, 2014

Introduction for Stef77

I am a computer engineer for over 3 years, specializing in research and development of new technologies.For more than a year I spent writing articles on various topics related to science and technology, in particular by supporting new projects in this area
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Posted in Personal on August 4, 2014

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