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Edwardian and Hong Kong Bathtub Covers?

I was browsing online through some old newspapers and found this little tidbit from the year 1910 that I found interesting, but odd. It suggests that the enamel bathtubs of the day were so difficult to clean that creating a sort of drawstring cover to go o
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Posted in Random on September 4, 2014

Strawberries from the Garden

A few years ago my dad and I planted a few strawberry plants in his front yard. Most of them died. One of them seemed to do fairly well though. The next year we planted a few more. And most of them died. The first one is getting big though and is like a li
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Posted in Gardening on September 3, 2014

Krita - Really Cool Software for Digital Drawing or Painting

I really like creating digital art. I am not an expert at it, because before I discovered software programs for creating digital art I was convinced that I was not "artistic" (very creative perhaps, but not artistic) and thought that I could not draw or pa
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Posted in Art on August 31, 2014

Introduction for SnipsAndClips

I have a wide variety of interests...perhaps it is my A.D.D. that leads me to like and to try so many different things and have so many different styles I am attracted to. Whether it's Japanese Street Fashions or retro 60s vintage products or antiques from
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Posted in Personal on August 30, 2014

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