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It's Only Money

What happens when you don't really value money? You become a moron and give it away when you need it yourself. I mean, charity is great and I AM charitable, in fact pretty generous especially when donating to my spiritual path, but a couple of year
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Posted in Personal on February 28, 2016

My Daddy is a Doberman Pinscher!

About two months ago, I took in a little black, white and brown puppy whose mother had been chased away by the dogs around my home who I look after. She's grown taller than the pups outside. She has really long legs and the markings on her face are exactly
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Posted in Animals on August 12, 2015

Film Review: Fluke

I watched this precious movie the other day about a dog named Fluke who remembers his past life as a man. I am so thrilled that I came across this little known and believed in phenomenon. As The Buddha teaches, I believe we are born hundreds of times in va
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Posted in Animals on August 12, 2015

Medea - Directed by Passolini - Film Review

I watched a very old film - Medea - directed by Passolini. I watched it because it has a rare appearance by the famous Maria Callas and because I adore the Greek Myths. Maria reminds me a lot of the erstwhile Bollywood actress Sharmila Tagore. Like Tagore,
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Posted in Animals on August 14, 2014

Do You Have A Dog?

Do You Have A Dog?
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Posted in Animals on August 10, 2014

Say No to Coca Cola Which Supports Animal Cruelty

Everyone loves Coca Cola – well, at least everyone I know. My son drinks huge amounts of this soft drink and that’s not good for him at all. Or for his teeth. He says he got the habit from me when he was in my tummy. During pr
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Posted in Food on August 5, 2014

Introduction for Sarandipity

I am a freelance writer of web content, teacher of short story and copywriting skills and editor of fiction. I am vegetarian ( I wasn't always one), have dedicated myself to a wonderful spiritual path and I live in an artistic house in Bangalore with nine
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Posted in Personal on August 4, 2014

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