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Personapaper contest - Ruler of the catagory

This is just an idea But hey guys lets start a contest. The contest should be the ruler of category. The person who owns the most number of views in an specific category will be the ruler of it and lets say he or she get a trophy for their achievemen
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Posted in Persona Paper on July 24, 2014

Please increase the coin value

Hi guys i know its has been a while that i did not write here but i must be honest. i am a student and i hardly find time to write at all. I am completely earning my money from writing online . So i know i am doing some bad damage to persona paper by not p
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Posted in Persona Paper on July 16, 2014

Gintama - the anime that mastered the trolling art

If you tired of watching traditional animes which with huge plots and endless details . Here is the best anime for it. Gintama or the anime of gintoki's sans world. Which i find it pretty amazing and fascinating compared to other animes which is runn
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Posted in Anime on June 30, 2014

Here is your time to shine persona paper

Good morning everyone . i was little busy with the collage stuff and i only got today to come here and log in to the website. I wish you all have a nice and profitable day ahead Yeah that is right . i think this is the time for persona paper to come to th
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Posted in Random on June 23, 2014

How much do you earn from internet per day

How much do you earn from internet per day
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Posted in Business on June 20, 2014

skyrim . anyone?

Perhaps i had never come across such amazing role playing game in my gaming history. I could suggest it is the most creative and most probably the best RPG ever made. They story line . The graphics , game details , story connections . side line story modes
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Posted in Gaming on June 20, 2014

Last post from me for today

My dear friends it is the time for me to say good night for all of you because i am reaching the end of day in my time in my country clock. I was having little bit of a busy day today because i wrote more than 15 articles in different sites for the past fe
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Posted in Personal on June 14, 2014

Work at home - Earn 5$ for every simple task

I think all of you are know something about something in everything . What i mean is you know a little about some field. for example Some one may be expert in writting articles. Someone is good ad web developing. graphic designing , programming etc anythin
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Posted in Business on June 14, 2014

Make your living from internet

I am a collage student computer science . So it is a natural fact that i usually encountered with lot of online earners from all over the world. Specially in my country there are lot of people earning from online . But i know still people are considered th
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Posted in Business on June 14, 2014

Fable - my first RPG love

Do you like playing Role playing games. Well it is my favorite. The start of all these role playing game love of me is started when i learned about the Fable. It was hard scenario for play. i was in my aunt house where they don't let me to use comput
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Posted in Gaming on June 14, 2014

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