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Victor wanyama leads in the premier league player ranking

Victor wanyama the Kenya Harambee stars captain is leading in the latest premier league player ranking, the power ranking are based on form of the players , it is quoted by the bleacher writer Sam Tighe that “The Kenyan defensive midfielder crus
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Posted in Sports on August 21, 2014

Liverpool come to agreement with Borussia dortmand

Liverpool have come to an agreement with Borrusia Dortmand forward who missed on playing the world cup with a calf injury, the two clubs have agreed that it will never happen from the fact that the forward was born and brought up around the town where sign
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Posted in Sports on July 22, 2014

Introduction for NjokaNjeru

Vision: To be a source of inspiration to the whole world. Mission: Change the worlds thinking by changing you. Quote me on this: The world has no problem with us, we have a problem with our attitudes and perception. A sober witty and creative genius
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Posted in Personal on July 15, 2014

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