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Is Katt Williams on Coke

Now you may be thinking that's rude for me to instantly assume Kat Williams is on Coke or crack however crack Williams seems to have been going ham recently turning FIFA into a street fight , taunting other comedians with better career runs and just plan o
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Posted in Entertainment on April 1, 2016

Bubblews was destined to fail

Bubblews at one point was one of the biggest writing sites however like all things it's killed by greed when the site first started I was one of the excited users ID post my max amount of posts and promote my blogs via Twitter it was amazing how quick I ma
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Posted in Animals on April 1, 2016

Troy Ave was never New York's Spokesperson

One of the worst rappers in my opinion is Troy Ave for multiple reasons his I'm one of the best rappers if you dislike me you're a weirdo ,maybe it's his who needs to freestyle when you have a cell phone to read on sway! However one of the biggest reaso
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Posted in Music on April 1, 2016

5 things I'd whether do than work at chipotle

You may be looking for a job but chipotle isn't the one that you're going to love it was one of the worst jobs I've had so here's a list of five things I'd whether do than work here !! 1. Swim with sharks since they may kill me but we know never tell me
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Posted in Business on October 25, 2015

Fallout Shelter Was it good ?

Fallout Shelter Was it good ?
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Posted in Gaming on October 24, 2015

Why Don't Skateboarders Just Skate Their Driveways

Because that would be like shooting a ball at a wall in the long run its not real training ! Yes you can learn some tricks flatground however in order to go pro as a skater you need rail grinds, to be able to do tricks over stairs and learn to manual acros
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Posted in Sports on October 24, 2015

The End Of The World

Do you ever get so annoyed of people talking about the end of the world ! Like every year we make a new date for when the world is suppose to end ! I generally shrug off these rumors and just laugh sadly so many people believe God is going to have a raptur
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Posted in Spirituality on October 24, 2015

SoundCloud Review

Anyone who loves music has probably heard of the app called SoundCloud its basically a Instagram for music you follow your favorite artists or just other people who you can view their playlists ! So I great way to connect to your friends and find their fav
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Posted in Technology on October 20, 2015

When Will People Wake Up About Diamonds

The diamond industry is a very disgusting industry which is ignored on a daily basis. The truth is that when you go to the jewerly store you never see the conditions in which diamonds are obtained only the front the industry puts on which is if you have mo
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Posted in Politics on October 4, 2015

Introduction for Nezzyknowzzz666

Im a single artist who enjoys blogging as well as skateboarding. As well I consider myself to be a avid hip hop fan as well as a huge fan of metal. I'm from west Virginia so I love outdoors and spend most of my time off work skating with friends pretendin
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Posted in Personal on October 1, 2015

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Hello, I'm writing here on Persona too but If you would like to write on a 2-year-old writing site that actually pays while we wait for Persona to pay again, I'm writing there since July 2016. You can watch my YouTube video right here and grab the link in the description, Regards, Andre':

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